Things Learned While Living in a Motel

Awesomely Artistic, Stampin' Up!

(This is a long intro, so feel free to skip to the bottom to see the rest of the card if you don’t want to read the musings.)

So, first, don’t panic. We’re not really living in a motel. Mike has started his doctorate, and he’s in classes this week on location in Virginia Beach. While he’s in class, I’m catching up on stamping projects and, well, goofing off. There’s a pool and a gym (yeah, I spend a lot of time there. HA!), and, of course, shopping. The walk to the shopping centers would be great exercise. Maybe tomorrow.

The first thing I learned this week is that I take up a LOT of space when I stamp. Ok, I already knew this. Whenever we have a stamp day at the office, I take up about three times as much space as everyone else. I try to stay contained, but it’s very difficult. Fortunately, we have a king sized bed in the motel so I can spread everything out.

The second thing I learned – always look over any travel sized containers you pull out of your closet. I found two little containers of hair spray in the hall closet at home. Usually, I just pack my normal sized bottle when we travel, but for two squirts a day, travel size seemed appropriate. So yesterday, I spritzed my hair, and I thought, “Hmmm. It’s not holding very well. And it’s a bit…gummy.” The smell was oddly familiar as well. Not a hair spray smell. More like…Today I took a good look at the bottle. Apparently, the last time we flew to a beach resort, I used hair spray bottles for several different liquids so I could pack them in the requisite baggie to get through the horrible airport screening process. And this particular bottle had been Sharpie labeled, “SPF 30.” Oops. For the record, sunscreen does not make a good hairspray, but at least my hair didn’t get sunburned.

The third thing – When you’re stamping on the road, you’re going to want the one thing you didn’t pack. Punches are heavy, so I only brought two – the new Curvy Corner Trio Punch from the Holiday Catalog and a corner rounder. Thinlits and Framelits are much lighter and easier to pack, so I loaded up on those. But what punches did I want? The ones I didn’t have. It doesn’t matter that the ones I wanted I haven’t used for months. Today, I wanted them! I came very close to checking to see if I had any demo cyberfriends close by that I could borrow from.

Next, I realized that my muscle memory is very strong. We have an electric toothbrush at home, but we didn’t bring the travel version with us. So this morning, I picked up my toothbrush, added toothpaste (as always), and then kept pressing the nonexistent button with my thumb, wondering why the brush didn’t turn on. Sadly, it took several pushes before I realized I wasn’t at home with my Oral B and the motor was, well, me.

And finally – Mike & I have been married almost 33 years. In all that time, we’ve made it a habit to be sure the toilet lid is always closed. This is because we also have a rule – If you drop it in, you fish it out. Since no one wants to go fishing in the toilet, the easiest solution is to keep the lid closed. So I’ve never had complaints about the males in the family leaving the seat up, because if the lid’s down, so is the seat, obviously. Our potty at the motel, however, doesn’t have a lid. And I’ve noticed that this man I have loved and lived with in toilet seat harmony for 33 years has left the seat up every day. What’s up with that? I feel like I’m cheating with another man or something. It’s very weird.

I still managed to complete two designs for upcoming Watercooler challenges. Which reminds me – the Sunday Watercooler Challenges will now be weekly and on Wednesdays. Our challenge is now called “Watercooler Wednesdays,” and you’ll have until the following Monday at noon MT to complete the challenge. Check out this week’s here. You have until August 31, noon MT, to post your card – so let’s get crackin’, ok?

I also made a card for the Fab Friday Challenge. Here are the colors –


Fun, right? Here’s my card –

Awesomely Artistic, Stampin' Up!

I used Tip Top Taupe for the stamped layer. I stamped the floral image from Awesomely Artistic in Archival Basic Black and colored with Delightful Dijon, Old Olive, and Tangelo Twist Stampin’ Write Markers. The splatters are stamped in Blackberry Bliss and Delightful Dijon, and the sentiment – from And Many More – is Blackberry Bliss on Delightful Dijon. I die cut the sentiment with the Bitty Banners framelits. I added a little linen thread behind the sentiment, punched the corners with the Curvy Corner Trio Punch, the layered it to a Blackberry Bliss card.

The inspiration for this is a card on our demonstrator web sites. You can see the inspiration for my card here.

Thanks for stopping by Stamping with Buffy. Have a wonderful day!

About buffycooper

Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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12 Responses to Things Learned While Living in a Motel

  1. Beautiful card and hilarious motel antics! You are your father’s daughter – more noticeable every day!!!!


  2. Jackie says:

    Teeeeeeeeeee Heeeeeeeeeeeee. Great hotel stories. Never thought of a change in toilet seat positioning as a reference for having an affair! I so understand the hair spray/sun screen confusion as my labeling and re-labeling of travel bottles is a real issue.


  3. Mindy Backes says:

    Very cute! I love the twine! And I’m totally laughing (as I’m living in a hotel or two this week) as I washed my hair with hair gel and gelled my hair with shampoo for like a week once at a convention and couldn’t figure out why my hair was so gross and my shampoo didn’t suds. LOL!!!!


    • buffycooper says:

      Thanks, Mindy – and your shampoo story is hilarious. I can see me doing that. I bought some lovely body wash one time, and almost killed myself in the shower, because it was so slippery when it was wet. When I put my glasses on and reexamined the bottle, it turned out to be body lotion. (I do not recommend using lotion as body wash unless you want an extended vacation in the local hospital with a broken hip.)


  4. Heather H says:

    Sorry, did you make a card? I’m laughing too hard from your adventures in motel life to remember, lol. I will say, I took a huge step myself this year and got ALL NEW TRAVEL BOTTLES, {{GASP!}} I felt terrible throwing the old ones out, which were, uh, no longer holding anything identifiable, lol. Anyway, just kidding on your card, which I love! The twine is perfect, and I can’t wait to get those new corner punches! How did I forget to snag them already?? Thanks so much for playing at Fab Friday (and packing all those colors, lol…)


  5. buffycooper says:

    Thanks, Heather! I loved the colors – and those were the first I packed! I’m going to have to replace my bottles soon too, I guess. Maybe I’ll even spring for “real” travel bottles!


  6. Brenda Myers says:

    Very pretty card!! That punch is still on my wishlist. I’m sure I’ll want to use before I’ve ordered it. 🙂 And your hotel stories are too funny!! Thank you for joining us at Fab Friday!!


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