Fancy Folds – Diagrams and Instructions


Click on diagram to view larger image.

Card stock:  12″ x 6″
Score at 6″ and 9″ on longer side.
Score diagonally from 3″ (top left) to 9″ (bottom right) and from 9″ (top right) to 3″ (bottom left)
With a pencil, lightly mark the 3″ point (center) on the left side of the card stock.
Cut diagonally from this point to 3″ top and 3″ bottom to remove triangles.
Fold card.  Diagonal scores are mountain folds and vertical scores are valley folds.


Cut a piece of card stock 12″ x 4″
Score the long side at 2″, 4″, 8″ and 10″
Score diagonally from 2″  from the top edge to the bottom center (6″) on both sides, and from the top center (6″) to 2″ on the bottom left and to 10″ on the bottom right right.  (See image below.)
All vertical score lines should be valley folds, and diagonal score lines should be mountain folds.

Click on diagram to view larger image.

“Cootie Catcher” (Fortune Teller, Snack Picker)

Paper size – 8-1/2” x 8-1/2”. Fold in half vertically; open, then fold horizontally. Open, then fold diagonally; open and fold the other way.
Fold each corner up to the center; flip to the opposite side and fold each corner to the center again.


Decorate as desired.

Easy Basket


Paper size – any square divisible by three. Score card stock in thirds (2”and 4” for a 6” square; or 2-1/2” and 5” for a 7” square; or 3” and 6” for a 9” square, etc.) horizontally and vertically. Clip score lines at top and bottom as shown. Fold on all lines, bring the side edges over the middle to form the basket. Secure with strong adhesive or brads.



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