Punch Board Card Box Instructions

Note Cards and BoxHere are the instructions for the card file box.  These are just basic instructions; you can embellish you box any way you want.

The Belly Band is 12″ x 1″.  Fit it around the box so that it’s loose enough to slide on and off.  I closed mine with a mini glue dot.

Card Box:

Cut card stock to 9-1/2″ x 9-1/2″.  Punch and score at 3-1/2″ and 5″ on one side.

Box instructions

Turn card stock to the opposite side (180 degrees) and punch and score at 3-1/2″ and 5″.

Card Box Instructions

Turn card stock 90 degrees.  Line the top score up with the “pointer” at the punch.  Punch and score.

Card Box Instructions

Line pointer up with bottom score.  Punch and score.

Card Box Instructions

Repeat for opposite (4th) sideCard Box Instructions.

Corner round top flap.

Card Box Instructions

For the bottom flap (that folds up), place bottom end in paper trimmer with the first score line at 2-1/2″.  Cut off point.

Card Box Instructions

Cut small rounded pieces off at the top of the box.  On the bottom, just cut on the score line from bottom to next score line.  (See image below.)  If you want to stamp on the box, now is a good time, before you start gluing it together.

Card Box Instructions

Fold on all score lines.  Use a bone folder to sharpen creases.  Add sticky strip or other strong adhesive to outside snipped flaps and diagonal bottom edge (see diagram below; do not apply adhesive to straight edge of bottom or your cards will stick to the box).

Card Box Instructions

Completed Box

Fill with cards and wrap belly band around the box.  Holds approx. 6-8 cards, depending on how many layers and embellishments you use.

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