But, Mom, It’s Dog Food!

This is a follow-up to this morning’s post about dogs and pills.  But first…Remember my “One Sketch, Three Cards” post?  My dear friend and amazing artist, Kath Ricks, posted a card she made using the sketch on her blog today.  Here’s the card (and if you only look at the pictures, please note that this is Kath’s card, not mine!) –

Something for Baby, Stampin' Up!

Isn’t that cute?  I’m totally copying it when Amelia gets here.  Kath used the new Lucky Stars embossing folder from the Holiday catalog, as well as the Something for Baby stamp set, Lullaby designer series paper, and lots of punches and framelits (see table at the end for more).  Check out Kath’s blog for more inspiring ideas!  And thanks, Kath, for playing along!

This morning, Mary Jo Marshall commented that she puts her Penelope’s pills in cheese.  What a great idea!  We did that for a long while for Hoss.  We bought one of those huge 10,000 lb packages of sliced cheese from a warehouse store and hid the pills in a slice a day for – well, for years, it seemed like.  We ran out months ago, and just haven’t gotten more, but this would be a good time.

Now – having two boys who loved cheese in almost every form, you’d think we could have used up that “block of cheese big enough to feed a small village” quite quickly, right?  No.  I tried to use it for grilled cheese sandwiches, and I heard, “But, Mom, that’s dog cheese.”  Seriously?  It’s people cheese that we use for the dog.  But, no.  Once food was designated as “Hoss’s,” it was off limits as far as the boys were concerned.

One of Hoss’s favorite meals was rice with kidney beans.  (Yeah – that’s one of my faves, too.)  One snowy winter evening, I decided chili would be lovely, so I browned hamburger and headed for the pantry for some kidney beans.  Drat.  I didn’t have any.  But we did have a whole case of mega cans downstairs.   Maybe I could use part of a can for our dinner and some for Hoss’s.  The can had never been opened.  The beans had never been touched by a dog – or a human, for that matter.  They were people beans, bought in a people store.  Sadly, one of the kids saw me carrying it upstairs to use in our chili, and the cry soon went out, “Mom’s trying to feed us dog food again!”  Thank goodness it was winter and the windows were closed.  Who knows what the neighbors would have thought.

One of the benefits of our empty nest is that my nest mate doesn’t mind eating people food that the dog has designs on, so cooking is easier.  I’ll bet he’d even eat grilled dog cheese sandwiches with tomato soup.  So if you ever hear that the Coopers have been reduced to eating dog food, it’s ok.  We haven’t sunk so far as to raid the Beggin’ Strips when we’re out of snacks.  Yet.

Thanks for stopping by Stamping with Buffy.  And thanks, Kath, for posting the card!


About buffycooper

Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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4 Responses to But, Mom, It’s Dog Food!

  1. Glad I responded about the pill in cheese trick. Loved your new story too. You could have dog grilled cheese sandwiches with dog bean chili!! Yum!

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  2. bettyvonn says:

    I can definitely see all that happening at your home where there is never a dull moment!!! Hilarious blog.


  3. Kath says:

    Buffy, you are the best story teller! I must admit when view blogs I only look at pictures for inspiration and never read them. Yours I always stop to read I so enjoy your way with words and I enjoyed trying your layout.


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