It’s Time To Shop!

That’s right!! The Stampin’ Up! Holiday catalog is ready for your shopping pleasure. I already have a wish list much larger than my budget, and I’m trying to save money for the “Send Buffy to Leadership in Orlando” fund. I’m trying to be frugal, but it’s not looking good.  There are so many cute products this year.  Almost everything in the catalog is on my wish list.  Fortunately, it’s just Mike & me here at the Cooper house, so I can redirect money from the food budget to my stamp room. Well – it’s just Mike & me and Hoss.

Hoss is our beloved Rottweiler rescue dog.  We adopted him almost eight years ago.  He was so undernourished and thin, but we fixed that pretty quickly.  Hoss loves his food, and will eat almost anything.  Ok – he used to eat almost anything.  He loved all kinds of veggies – including green beans.  And then we got Walter.  Walter was not a good influence on Hoss.  Walter spit greet beans out shortly after they entered his mouth.  Hoss has decided if Walter didn’t have to eat green beans, he’s not going to eat green beans.

Walter wouldn’t take pills without a fuss, either – even with “pill pocket treats.”  And while I didn’t mind sticking my finger down Walter’s throat to give him a pill, I’m not doing that with Hoss.  Hoss weighs around 150 pounds (although we’re trying to get that down to 130).  Hoss also drools.  A lot.  And whenever something comes toward his mouth, he gets a bit excited.  So while I want Hoss to feel better (he has some hip issues), I’m not putting my hand in his mouth.  Gentle as he is, he forgets his “lambness” when he sees food, and between stamping and piano, I need all 10 of my fingers.  Fortunately, Hoss loved pill pockets, because they were treats.  Until recently.  Now he just rolls them around in his mouth and spits them out – all wet and drooly.  *sigh*  This morning, I even wrapped one in a Beggin’ Strip.  He ate the strip, spit out the pills.  Fortunately, he will take them in peanut butter sandwiches.  If he decides to boycott those, I’m out of ideas.  Because smearing pills and peanut butter in the roof of his drooly mouth is not something I want to consider.   Any ideas?  Besides buying stock in our favorite peanut butter company?

Thanks for stopping by Stamping with Buffy.  Now go shop, so I can afford food and stamps!!


About buffycooper

Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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3 Responses to It’s Time To Shop!

  1. LOVE Hoss!! We use sliced cheese to give our beagle, Penelope her pills. So far, so good!!! (knock on wood) LOL!


  2. buffycooper says:

    OOOH! Great idea. I had forgotten about cheese. Thanks, MaryJo!!


  3. Pat Smith says:

    I have a VERY picky Maltese, for whom I have to crush (literally to a powder) any and all medication before mixing into canned food – and use some flavor such as chicken & liver to try to disguise the odor…and she will still spit out anything that remotely resembles the original pill…


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