So Grateful with Cheerful Basket

So Grateful with Cheerful Basket

Welcome back to Stamping with Buffy, Stamping Friends! Can you believe Thanksgiving in the US is tomorrow? Am I ready? Yes, I am – because Mike & the girls are doing all of the cooking. All I have to do is set the table.

When the boys were little, we started a birthday tradition. They could choose their main dish and dessert for their birthday dinners. That has grown to include wives, ex-wives and ex-wives new husbands. We all love Stephanie’s (granddaughter Amelia’s mom’s) new husband Garrett. His birthday is a little over a week after Thanksgiving, so I asked what his favorite food was. Chicago style pizza with spinach and pepperoni. Um….ok. When I started the tradition, the choices were basically hamburgers and hot dogs, steak, lasagna. One year we added taco salads, thanks to my mom. But now, apparently, it’s turned into “stump the cook.” Chicago style pizza? What’s that, and how is it different than my normal pizza?

Well – I found a recipe, and my dear Katelyn came over after she got off work to help with a trial run. Ok, to be honest, Katelyn made the pizza and I had a few glasses of wine while reading the recipe.

Katelyn rocks! I have never had pizza dough turn out so amazing – and this was her first time making it. The pizza was delicious as well. I’m not sure what a true Chicago-an will think, but I was blown away! When I googled the difference between Chicago style and “normal” pizza, Chicago style is basically backwards. While I usually make a crust (ok, now that I found out Pillsbury has one already made, I don’t make it), then add sauce, cheese, then toppings, Chicago style is totally backwards. For that you add cheese, toppings, then sauce. I was blown away by Katelyn’s Chicago Style Pizza! She totally nailed it! I’m waiting to hear what the Chicago guy says, but I loved it! So onto more challenges…

Every month, our demonstrator team has a challenge. This month it was “Thanks/Grateful card with no flowers.” The no flowers part was because most of us use flowers in every card, so not using flowers was really the challenge. Here’s one of my favorites from this challenge.

Cheerful Basket, Stampin' Up!

This was Sandy’s card using the Cheerful Basket Stamp Set. I LOVE the little cat and the butterflies (stamped and Brushed Brass). And Sandy is a master at adding shading around images. It’s simply g0rgeous, don’t you think?

This card makes me remember how much I am grateful for all of my team members, customers, friends, family, and more as we head into this Thanksgiving season. And, of course, and always – for you. Thanks for stopping by Stamping with Buffy. Have a lovely day!


About buffycooper

Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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