Finding Rainbows

Finding Rainbows

Happy Monday, Stamping Friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend. Ours was very peaceful and relaxing!

I mentioned in my last post that my beautiful and awesome granddaughter Amelia finds rainbows everywhere she goes. I have committed to do that as well, especially these days when there’s so much bad going on in the world.

Friday, I promised Wesley I’d bring my sewing machine to his house. If you don’t know, my younger son Wesley is a correctional officer at our local jail. He had about 12 days of leave (scheduled before the Coronavirus crisis) so he could spend time with Amelia. After he went back to work, he decided to make face masks for his team.  Hence the sewing machine.

Wes wasn’t home when I got to their house Friday; he was having therapy on his shoulder. So Amelia and I went outside to play. She wanted to show me her “secret place.” Her secret place is awesome! It’s in a clearing between the front of their yard and the neighbor’s yard. It’s a perfect place for a hideout! And then she started climbing the huge hill at the top of their yard to look for adventure.

Wesley’s house is across from a cemetery. Sadly, lots of people who lay flowers and other memorabilia to graves don’t anchor them well, so when the wind picks up, these things end up in Wesley’s yard.  I had already checked to see what happens to the things that get blown away. Answer: They go in the trash. Because if they are replaced to the wrong area, there could be problems. So anything that blows away is either thrown away or “up for grabs.”

As Amelia climbed the huge hill, she started finding things. Mostly she found flowers, but then, “What’s this??” It was a stuffed Christmas dog. “Seesa,” she said, “we have to save him!” We each had a stick (in case we encountered an enemy), so I took her stick and used hers and mine to carry this dirty stuffed dog back to the house.

We left him on the doorstep, rang the bell, and pretended to be “no contact delivery people.”

Suffice it to say, her dad and step-mom said no to letting the dog in the house. They were adamant about this. Amelia said, “Seesa, I want to show you something.” I followed her into her bedroom. “Can you close the door?” she asked.

“Seesa,” she said, “can you take the dog? You’re his last hope. They won’t let him in here, and I know my mom won’t let him go there, because she won’t let outside toys in the house. You’re his only hope.”

Well, of course you know what happened. I was this sad dog’s only hope, so I had to take him home and clean him up.

I’ll swear this dog looks so much happier now! And he is so fluffy and clean after being washed and dried (and sanitized).

This dog is Amelia’s rainbow from Friday. This is my rainbow from that day.

Inspiring Iris, Stampin' Up!

This card made me so happy! Several of my customers and team members swap cards each month. This is from my friend Christy Tobin.

Christy used the Inspiring Iris Stamp Set for this card. How gorgeous is this? It uses my favorite colors (anything purple or green).

Other products she used are the Coastal Weave 3D Embossing Folder, Decorative Ribbon Border Punch, Layering Ovals Dies, and the Story Label Punch. Everything works so well together to create a gorgeous card!

Thanks, Christy, for today’s rainbow!  I hope you all find rainbows to be thankful for today!

Thanks for stopping by Stamping with Buffy! Have a lovely day!

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10 Responses to Finding Rainbows

  1. Emilie boyd says:

    That stamp set is gorgeous and so is the rescued little dog.


  2. Peggy Carper says:

    What a beautiful card!!! So glad you and Amelia had a wonderful adventure together!


  3. Susan Horr says:

    You are such a good Seesa! She will remember this forever. Cute card Christy!


  4. jackie says:

    Such a sweet story about saving this fluffy puppy


  5. debsmart says:

    Oh my gosh – I’m actually crying!! Amelia has such a big heart – and I would’ve done the same as you, Buffy!♥ Thanks for sharing your ‘rainbow’.


    • buffycooper says:

      Awww, Deborah, you’re so sweet. She does have a super huge heart. And she will never let me leave without giving me something she’s made. She’s an amazing little girl!


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