Favorite New Product

Favorite New Product

Now that I’m back from vacation, I’m looking forward to using some of the new products from the Stampin’ Up!® Annual Catalog. My order arrived last week while I was gone, so I haven’t even looked at it yet. (*gasp!* I know!)

You already know how much I love the Come Sail Away Suite of products. But there are others that are so much fun! My Favorite New Product Blog may be a series, because every time I try something new, it’s my favorite. But for today, this is my favorite.

I received the Pigment Sprinkles in a separate order while I was gone, so the was waiting for me at the house. I haven’t used them yet, because I’ve been unpacking, but I know they will be amazing.

Pigment Sprinkles, Stampin' Up!

Pigment Sprinkles are watercolor pigment crystals in exclusive Stampin’ Up! colors. Mix them with water to make watercolor backgrounds and washes, and use them for other watercoloring techniques. These are very like the Brusho products we sold last year, but they come in Bermuda Bay, Daffodil Delight, Granny Apple Green, Gorgeous Grape, Mango Melody, and Melon Mambo.

Although I haven’t used them, I did peek – and the packaging is wonderful. If you ordered the Brusho crystals, you know we suggested punching a few small holes in the top of the lid with a thumb tack or “push pin” and shaking the crystals onto your paper or stamp. You don’t have to do that with our Pigment Sprinkles. Each jar has a shaker top and a reclosable lid. Trying to replace the pins in the holes so powder wouldn’t shake everywhere was a pain. Now I can simply close the lid. And these are some of my absolute favorite colors as well.

Here are a few samples from the Stampin’ Up!® concept artists.

Pigment Sprinkles, Stampin' Up!

To use the Pigment Sprinkles, simply shake Sprinkles onto card stock, then spritz with water. Or you can spritz first, then shake on Sprinkles. Or you can shake Sprinkles onto a stamp and spritz the stamp with water to use it as an ink. Another fun technique is to heat emboss an image, the sprinkle Pigment Sprinkles over the card stock and spritz. The embossed areas resist the color, so you get a beautiful background around your image.

I’m looking forward to trying out different techniques, so stay tuned for more! I’ll have my big box of products tomorrow. Long story short (maybe…) – since our demonstrator meeting was Thursday and my order was arriving Wednesday, my friend Christy picked up the box from my porch and took it to the meeting so our team members could see some more new products. Everyone is very helpful when the time comes to pack up after meetings and classes, and sometimes things get packed in the wrong place. My box ended up in Christy’s car. (Hmmmmm….coincidence? You be the judge.) She’s bringing it back to the office (it may already be there), but I asked her to please try out anything she wanted.

I was really hoping some of the ladies would try out a few things at the meeting, but they were too polite. I need to remind them that my stamping supplies are tools for my business, and I want them to try things out and let me know what they think. It saves me some work and gives me a few extra sets of eyes, especially if it’s something that “you have to hold your mouth right” to get it to work. (In case you didn’t have a dad like mine, that expression means some things go wonky if you don’t take extra care in some way or another. For example, if you use too much or too little water with the Pigment Sprinkles, you won’t get as good results.) Tips for using products are always helpful, don’t you agree?

Thanks for stopping by Stamping with Buffy! I know Amelia will want to use the sprinkles tomorrow, so hopefully we’ll have something amazing for you – probably with a unicorn. Have a lovely day!

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