World Card Making Day Discounts

World Card Making Day Discounts

World Card Making Day, Stampin' Up!It’s World Card Making Day again, and Stampin’ Up!® has some great deals for you. Selected items have been discounted so you can make beautiful cards for friends and family and save money. Click on the chart below to view the list in your browser. Then head to my store and order your favorites.

Stampin' Up!, World Card Making DayBut there’s even more good news.

Stamparatus Accessories, Stampin' Up!

It’s been almost a year since the Stampin’ Up!® Stamparatus® was unveiled at the OnStage event in Salt Lake City. I’m loving mine. It’s a mainstay on my stamping table.

Replacement Magnets have been available in the 2018-19 Stampin’ Up!® Annual Catalog. The rare earth magnets are super, super strong – but, sadly, they’re also very brittle. If they smack together, they could break. I keep one in the little storage area on the back and one inside the Stamparatus. I don’t like to have them in the same plane, because they have a strong attraction to each other. But if they do break, you can buy replacements.

Now, we have even more accessories.

There’s Grid Paper that fits perfectly inside the Stamparatus®. This is a great tool, because it gives even more help in lining up your stamps. It’s also awesome for “stamping off,” or for making sure your stamp is right side up. (Don’t laugh. I know a lot of people who have stamped an image or sentiment upside down. Or maybe I know I have done this a lot of times.) There are 50 sheets in each pack.

My favorite new accessory product is extra plates. This will give you eight plates to stamp on, because you can move them and turn them over. So you can set up your entire project, or multiple projects at once. How fun! And what a time saver if you’re making multiples of one project. Each pack has two plates.

You can also purchase extra mats to use with Photopolymer Stamps.

And, of course, you can purchase all the accessories in a bundle so you only need to enter one number.

The Stamparatus®, extra magnets, and the new accessories are all available now. You can order online using the hostess code 2H7EA6UT, or send me your order with payment information and I can enter it for you.

Thanks for stopping by Stamping with Buffy. Have a lovely day!

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Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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