Rainbow Smash

Rainbow Smash

Miss Amelia loves horses. Specifically, she loves My Little Pony, but, honestly, any horse will do. Her favorite pony changes. A few weeks ago, it was Applejack (she’s also my favorite). Last week it was Rainbow Dash, because Amelia also loves rainbows. We made an amazing Skittles rainbow a few months ago.

It looks like a pie, but it’s not. (And notice Rainbow Dash helping out from the edge of the plate. Amelia thought having her around would make a better rainbow.) This is so fun, and your kids will love it. Simply place Skittles around the edge of a plate, then pour a little warm water in the center until it touches the Skittles. The water pulls the colors from the candy to create this gorgeous work of art. Fun!

I’ve been in a rainbow rut lately. I used rainbow colors for the card backgrounds I made with Mom yesterday, but I wasn’t totally pleased with the results. Then my friend Margo sent me a photo and asked what the technique was. *Light Bulb* I hadn’t done a smash/smoosh technique for awhile, so it was time.

Work of Art, Stampin' Up!

I got a little crazy with the water, but I love the way this turned out.

The Details

This is probably the most simple background technique ever. Add a water based ink to a Window Sheet. You can use direct to paper with ink pads or water based markers; I used Classic Ink Refills. I added three little drops (about 1/4″ – 1/2″ apart) of Real Red, three of Daffodil Delight, and three of Pacific Point, then spritzed with water. The idea was to have the left dot of the Real Red mix with the Pacific Point for violet, the center to stay Real Red, and the right dot to mix with the Daffodil Delight for orange. Then the center dot of Daffodil Delight would stay yellow, and the right dot would mix with Pacific Point for green, so I’d get a ROY G BV kind of thing. After the water mixes the ink a bit, you simply smash a piece of cardstock over the ink.

Working with water is very like working with kids and animals; they have minds of their own, and my rainbow is more of a gorgeous sunset. Still, I like the way it turned out, and it works wonderfully with the sentiment from Work of Art.

I thought this needed something else, and I thought ribbon might overwhelm the background. I opted for some rhinestones that I colored a dark navy with a permanent marker before adhering them to the card. (These were supposed to be black, and it really looked like a black marker until I colored the rhinestones. I decided I liked it enough not to go looking for a real black marker.)

So there you go. Super simple Rainbow Smash card. Mike said you might not get the “Rainbow Smash” reference, but I’ll bet after reading about Rainbow Dash you got it right away. If not, you just did, right?

Thanks for stopping by Stamping with Buffy. Have a wonderful day!

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4 Responses to Rainbow Smash

  1. Susan Horr says:

    I’ll ha e to try this technique, Buffy. It looks like fun. I am not so sure about trying the Skittles with Madelyn though. It is beautiful but looks pretty messy!

    Liked by 1 person

    • buffycooper says:

      Madelyn would love this! And it’s really not messy. I used a cake plate, so all the water stayed in the center well. Then everything went down the food disposal. (We saved some skittles to eat so no one would be tempted to eat the yucky ones.)


  2. debsmart says:

    I love it! No little kids to play with, but hey – I’m just a big kid! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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