Emboss It!

Emboss It!

Don’t you love to see the magic of heat embossing? At one of the first Stampin’ Up! workshops I attended, the demonstrator showed us a heat embossed project. I remember thinking, “That’s so beautiful, but I could never do that!” When I became a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator a few years later, embossing powder was on one of my first orders.

Oh, my! It’s so easy to turn a beautiful project into something even more outstanding with just a little powder and heat. So fun! Because there are so many different ways to emboss, it’s easy to get confused. So let me make it simple.

To emboss a project, you need something sticky for the powder to adhere to until it melts. An “embossing ink,” like VersaMark or our Whisper White Craft Stampin’ Ink works perfectly. But any pigment based ink will work, as will our new Firm Foam Classic Stampin’ Pads – if you work fast! The firm foam pads are water based, but since you get so much ink on your stamp, they work for embossing. (As you’ll see in the following video, though, you need to be sure your pad is very inky, and you need to work quickly, before the ink dries!) You can also use glue. In the video, Andrea Withers uses water. (Yes, water! Watch and see.)

The second thing you need is embossing powder. You can use clear powder for a tone-on-tone look, or over a colored ink. You can also use a metallic or colored powder. (Note: Glitter is not the same as embossing powder! You don’t need to heat glitter; it doesn’t melt. And you can’t just use a pigment ink or water for glitter, because when it dries, the glitter will flake off. You need glue for glitter.)

And, finally, you need a heat tool. A hair dryer will not work (trust me on this!). I know heat tools look like hair dryers, but they’re not the same.  A hair dryer just doesn’t get hot enough (thank goodness, or we’d all have third degree burns on our heads!). You can use a stove or toaster, but you have to be careful. (Read past the video for my story about using a toaster.)

Here are some fun heat embossing techniques you’ll want to try.

And now, my story. Years ago, I led a workshop at a local facility that works with people who have disabilities. One of the employees is blind and brings her service dog to work.

I was demoing the heat embossing technique and realized I had forgotten to pack my heat tool. Oops! No problem; we were using the breakroom for the workshop, so I fired up the toaster and held the prepared card stock over the toaster. Obviously, whoever set the toaster doesn’t like burned toast, so just as the powder was beginning to melt, the toaster popped up. I was startled, and took a step backward – into the dog’s water bowl. Fortunately, nothing got burned, no one got electrocuted, and the dog’s bowl got refilled. And I always remember to double check supplies now.

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Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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