Nine Stamp Room Essentials, part 2

Nine Stamp Room Essentials, part 2

Yesterday I listed the top three essentials for stampers. My top three picks are Stamps, Ink, and Paper (SIP). You can learn about the different types of Stampin’ Up! stamps, the different kinds of ink, and our paper here. If you have any questions about which ink to use, or how to use our stamps, or anything else stamping related, feel free to ask in the comments, and I’ll be happy to answer.

Today, we’ll cover numbers four, five, and six. The last three (seven through nine) are very important, but I know a lot of my friends might disagree, and that’s ok. The thing one thing I use on almost every project isn’t even on my list, because I’m targeting brand new stampers and the tools they need to make stamping easier. Maybe my next series will be “Buffy’s Nine Fave Stamping Tools.”

So here we go. Coming in at Number Four –

Stampin' Up!, Adhesives


Even though this is fourth on the list, it’s one of the first things you need to start your stamping journey. Because, really, if you make a card, create a scrapbook page, or fashion a box or bag, you need adhesive to hold it together, right? Otherwise, you’re just handing someone a pile of pretty papers and maybe some embellishments.

My favorite adhesive for pretty much everything is Fast Fuse. Fast Fuse is a super strong adhesive that bonds instantly, as opposed to liquid glues that need to dry. The positive is it bonds instantly. The negative is – it bonds instantly. It’s a wonderful plus that you don’t have to hold it and count to five for it to bond, but there’s not much “wiggle room” if you don’t get it perfectly adhered the first time. But because it’s so strong, I know my cards will still be intact when the recipient opens the envelope. There are few things more embarrassing than finding out your card fell apart in the mail. (This actually happened to me. UGH!)

SNAIL is another of my favorite adhesives. Like Fast Fuse, it’s a tape runner, and it also bonds permanently and instantly. SNAIL is an acronym for Simple, Neat, and In-Line, in case you were wondering. It’s a little less expensive than Fast Fuse, but not quite as strong. Still, if you use enough on your project (and I like to use it on the layer being attached as well as the layer you’re attaching something to. That “glue on glue” effect seems to hold better.), it should hold up. It’s also a tiny bit easier to reposition than Fast Fuse.

When using Fast Fuse or SNAIL on a card, you should burnish the cardstock when you’ve finished attaching. Simply turn it to the back and give it a good rubdown. This really helps the adhesive to bond. And when using both, you need to be sure the adhesive is flat against the cardstock, then keep it flat as you pull it toward you. When you’re finished, make a little “check mark” with SNAIL; with Fast Fuse, break it by sharply pulling it at a 90 degree angle. (And if this is confusing, that’s why you need a demonstrator! I can help you learn to use these adhesives like a pro. Because you will be after about five minutes.)

Of course, Stampin’ Up! offers other “specialty adhesives.” The Fine-Tip Glue Pen is perfect for adding a glossy layer to an image, adhering intricate pieces (like die-cut words), small embellishments, or for resist techniques. Multipurpose Liquid Adhesive is also a very strong adhesive, is great for 3-D projects like boxes or bags, as well as for adding glitter or embellishments. And since it’s liquid, it gives you that “wiggle room” we love. If you were a master at using the white “school glue,” you’ll love our Multipurpose Liquid Adhesive. Mini Glue Dots hold heavier embellishments (wood elements, sequins, bows), and are quick and easy to use. Tear & Tape Adhesive is a strong, tearable adhesive that I love to use for boxes and other 3D items. Stampin’ Dimensionals are double -sided adesive foam dots that add, well, dimension. And our new Foam Adhesive Strips make creating shaker cards a snap. But for a beginner – I’d stick with SNAIL, Fast Fuse, or Multipurpose Liquid Glue.

Cutting Tools, Stampin' Up!

Stampin’ Trimmer

You need to be able to cut your paper for your cards or other projects, and our Stampin’ Trimmer is one of the best out there. Ok, I know I’m biased, but I really love the design and features. First, you can cut a 12″ strip without having to remove the scoring blade like you do with other trimmers. There’s also an extendable ruler for large projects, and there’s a point on the cutting and scoring blades for precise measuring. Oh, right – did I mention there’s also a scoring blade?” And there’s a compartment underneath for extra blades, a bone folder, mini chocolate bars, and lip balm. (Or whatever you want to put in there. You know I go for chocolate!)

Paper Snips

The other essential product you need as a stamper is Paper Snips. (I know…it sounds like it should be “are” Paper Snips, but it’s one product. Grammar. Go figure.) This is the one product I use on almost every single project. If you don’t have a die-cutting machine, you can use our Paper Snips for “fussy cutting.” They can cut paper, thread, ribbon, and twine. You can get expert cutting even in small areas, and the tips are precision-ground, so they cut to the end of the blades.

These first six of the nine essentials are the ones you should start with. Here’s a quick breakdown of my “beginner kit” –
$30 – Stampin’ Trimmer
10 – Paper Snips
4.50 SNAIL
8 – Cardstock Combo Pack
9 – Vanilla or White cardstock
7 – Basic Black Archival Stampin’ Pad
29.00 – Stampin’ Write Markers (for coloring)
37.00 Better Together Stamp Set

This comes to $134.50. You can order all these products from me before March 31 and get two free Sale-a-bration items. OR – you can join my team of demonstrators and get $125 in product (order everything EXCEPT the Better Together Set; then you can add another $27.50 in product – stamps, ink, or paper would be my choice). And if you do this before March 31, you can add TWO stamp sets of your choice (so add the Better Together set back in, as well as another set) – and you’ll only pay $99 plus tax. How awesome is that? Up to $229 in product for only $99. But hurry – you only have until March 31. There are no strings or obligations. You’ll have until July 31 to meet your minimum sales goal of $300, and you’ll get a minimum of 20% off your orders.

This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is why I became a demonstrator. I wanted to save money on my habit. And I’m happy to say I’m actually making more money than I spend these days. But if you want to simply add to your collection of stamps, ink, paper, and more – that’s ok too. You never have to hold a class or host a workshop. There really are no strings. If you don’t meet the minimum sales requirement, there’s absolutely no penalty. You can sign up again whenever you want, or continue to purchase our top quality items from me.

Check back in tomorrow for the last three “must haves for beginners.” I may even add a few of my favorite things I can’t do without but they’re not absolutely necessary for beginners.

Thanks for stopping by Stamping with Buffy. Have a wonderful day!

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Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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  1. Mom says:

    I am a little slow commenting on your “essentials” blogs, but I want you to know they are very helpful even for an “old” crafter like I am. I have 99% of them, and attest to their value and usefulness. Your description is inspiring and such a good memory jogger on some things I forgot that I have. Can you imagine that?!!


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