Online Extravaganza

Online Extravaganza

Online Extravaganza, Stampin' Up!

You don’t want to miss the 2016 Stampin’ Up! Online Extravaganza! There are 24-hour Flash Sales on the first and last days (Monday, November 21 and Monday, November 28). And there are discounts of up to 40% throughout the week.

Check this out –

Stampin' Up!, Online Extravaganza, Flash Sales

And these are just the “one-day” flash sales for Monday, November 21! Look what’s available all week long.

You don’t want to miss out on savings up to 40%! Order now and make your crafty family members and friends happy! You don’t have to leave home. You don’t have to get out of your pjs. You can still be cleaning and prepping for Thanksgiving while you shop. How fun is that?

I wanted to post some more “sneak peeks” from the Stampin’ Up! Occasions Catalog, but I left all my cards at the office. So here are some more random thoughts.

This weekend has been all about family. My dad’s cousins had a family get together last night and it was such a wonderful time. My grandfather had (I think) five brothers and a sister – so when that side of the family gets together, there are a lot of us. We realized that many of the “younger generation” don’t know their cousins, so it was a treat to have dinner and be introduced to some of the family I hadn’t met before. I’m hoping we’ll do this every year and that more of my boys’ generation can get involved.

Tonight, we had a birthday party for one of my mom’s sisters. It was a blast! If you’ve seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, you’ll have an idea of what it’s like when Mom’s side of the family gets together. Mom has three brothers and three sisters (and a foster sister) – so there’s a lot of family there. Five of the seven live in the area and most were there tonight. It was so fun getting together with my aunts and uncles, cousins – and their kids and grandkids. As I get older I realize that there’s nothing like being with family, and I’m so glad that mine is close. No matter what – we’re there for each other.

Thanks for stopping by Stamping with Buffy. Check out the Online Extravaganza deals and place your order today!


About buffycooper

Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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