OnStage Live 2016

Stampin' Up!, OnStage

Susan, Hetty, Buffy

I had such a wonderful time at the Stampin’ Up! #onstage2016! I hadn’t planned on going. Our Front Royal Oratorio Society had a concert Saturday and Sunday, so I planned to stay home so I could sing in the concert. But the closer it got, the more I wanted to attend. So at the very last minute of registration, I was chatting with my BFF Susan Horr, and I suggested that we could go if I could get home in time for Saturday’s concert. Susan replied back that she had booked a room with her hubby’s rewards points. EEK! Now I was committed. I quickly registered, found a “Red Eye” flight that would get me home in time, and off I went.

It was a BLAST! The last convention I attended was the 25th anniversary, and there were so many people it was uncomfortable. (Have I mentioned I’m an introvert?) Sadly for Stampin’ Up! (but happily for introverts), the numbers were down for the North America OnStage Live. There are lots of reasons for this – mostly because our convention was usually in July.  Many Stampin’ Up! demonstrators have full-time jobs on top of their Stampin’ Up! activities. Jobs like teaching and accounting. Hmmmmm  what are teachers and accountants doing around the 15th of April? With end of the year school activities and TAX DAY , it was difficult for a lot of them to attend. But those of us who did attend had a great time.

My main reason for going was to see the catalog sooner and to be able to preorder early. Because, if you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know that I’m addicted to crafting products – and Stampin’ Up! has some of the very best. The 2016-17 Annual Catalog is AWESOME, and I did place a pre-preorder. In fact, I bought almost everything on the list.

I flew to Salt Lake City Wednesday, and Susan and I had a wonderful dinner – and an even better time of catching up. We shared “Grandma Stories,” of course!

Thursday, we picked up our bags and drooled over the catalog. Thursday night we went to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse for dinner. Oh. My. Gosh. What an amazing experience. The steak is served on a 500 degree plate, and they tell you not to touch it (so what’s the first thing you want to do???). We didn’t, though. Chalk one up to common sense.

Friday morning, we were getting ready to head to the convention center, and we met Hetty! Hetty Jones is one of our Stampin’ Up! cyber friends. She was only a few doors down from us at the hotel, and we rode down the elevator together. She was at the last Leadership conference we attended last January (2015), but we never found her. I was so happy to meet her; she’s so much fun and just a joy to be around. She’s in the center of all our photos, because she’s the tallest.

Stampin' Up!

Susan, Hetty, Buffy

I was thrilled that Glenda Travelstead was one of the presenters on Friday. She is like a stand-up comedian. She’s incredibly funny, but very natural. We were all laughing so hard during her presentation. She slips in great little tips and tricks, but makes it fun all at the same time.

Sadly, I had to leave Friday night. I flew out around 12:30 a.m. Saturday. I slept about three hours on the plane (during what Delta calls “rough air,” I might add). I finally got home around noon, answered some e-mails, practiced a little for Sunday morning’s church service, and, of course, unpacked. I tried to nap, but my head was spinning.

I’m happy to report that our concerts Saturday and Sunday were awesome – and I didn’t fall asleep and fall off my chair. And now I’m off to bed before my Monday starts bright and early with Miss Amelia.

If you’re still reading, you definitely deserve a medal. Thanks for stopping by Stamping with Buffy! Have a beautiful day.

About buffycooper

Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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4 Responses to OnStage Live 2016

  1. Jackie says:

    I’m so glad that you went! Can’t wait to see more “info”!


  2. debsmart says:

    Oh, I’m so sad that I couldn’t be there – but I’m so glad that you were, and that you had such fun, Buffy!! And you got to see Hetty! I did get to meet her at Leadership, and she is a great lady 🙂 I can’t wait to see the new catalogue – fingers crossed it’ll be posted today for us demos!


  3. Thanks so much for the kudos! I’m so thrilled and honored to have made your On Stage highlights poat! It was so fun…


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