Amelia’s Valentine

Today, Amelia & I decided to craft together. I jumped on Pinterest and searched for “Crafts for 1 year-olds to make.” And there was a cute little Valentine using the child’s hand prints to make a card. “Amelia, do you want to make this?” “Wow!” was her response. I took that as a yes, and we headed to my craft room for supplies

Miss Amelia loves my craft room. Every time she comes out of it, she has something new she has pilfered. I have had some little Dixie cups that I use for mixing paint or glue and glitter. Those disappeared last week. She loves stacking them and carrying them around. I decided stacking was a good creative activity, so I let her take them home. I took half of them back the other day, but she found them again. I guess I’ll be heading to the store for more soon.

Anyway – today, I grabbed some white acrylic paint and Stampin’ Up! Real Red Classic Ink refill, along with some Whisper White Thick Card stock and a paint brush. She grabbed an empty Stampin’ Up! embellishment container. Smart girl. That would be perfect to mix the paint. This was going to be so fun!

I mixed the paint and refill, and showed it to Amelia. She was excited. I set her on my lap and started painting her hand with the paint. She was a little less excited. Then we squished her hand onto the card stock. She slid her hand around a little, but it was ok. I’m thinking the person who pinned this idea may have drugged her kid before she started.

I realized then that I had forgotten a rag or paper towel to wipe the ink off her hand. Amelia doesn’t care to have her hands held for any reason, so it was a challenge to keep her from getting paint all over the dining room. Fortunately, Jon was in the kitchen, so he came to the rescue.

And now for the other hand. Who knew that Miss Amelia not only doesn’t care to have her hands held, she also doesn’t like having them messy with paint? I mean, she finger paints with her food all the time. How is it that different from paint? And she was really distressed that her hands didn’t match. One was normal and one was really, really pink. (Yeah – I forgot that Real Red, Melon Mambo, Blackberry Bliss and other “red/purple/pinks” don’t always wash off right away. Oops. Guess her parents won’t be surprised now when they get the card after seeing her hands.)

When I set her on my lap to do the other hand, she balked. Actually, she cried, said, “No, no, no,” and pulled her hand away.

Since crafting should be fun and a stress release, not an inducer, I didn’t push it. I am nothing if not resourceful. We’d figure this out. She decided she’d rather have a nap than craft, especially if it meant messy and discolored hands. We’re going to have to work on this, though. With all the artistic talent passed down through her mommy’s genes, she’s going to have to learn to get a little messy. Now that I think about it, however, she may have gotten that from her daddy. Seems to me Wesley didn’t like being dirty either.

While she was napping, I took my paint brush, painted over the one hand print, then smooshed another piece of card stock over it. Voila’! Two hands. I simply cut them out and – well, here’s the end result.

Little Letters Thinlits, Valentines, Stampin' Up!

The heart formed by her hand prints looks more like the Mutual of Omaha rock, I think, but, hey, her parents will love it. The inside uses the Little Letters Thinlits to say, “Mom and Dad.”

Hope you’re having a happy day! Don’t forget the start of the Stampin’ Up! Sale-a-bration and the Occasions catalog sales period started today. Free crafting products always makes me happy!

Thanks for stopping by Stamping with Buffy (and Amelia)!

About buffycooper

Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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8 Responses to Amelia’s Valentine

  1. Sandy says:

    What a great idea, and what a great card. Mom and Dad are going to love it. I can just see that little punkin having a blast with you in your craft room. Watch out, you may create a monster, as they say.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Susan Horr says:

    Such a cute story! You are so resourceful!

    Liked by 1 person

    • buffycooper says:

      Thanks, Susan! And you’ll be happy to know (in case you decide to try this with Madelyn) that her hands are back to their normal color today. I’m thinking her dad must have scrubbed her down after he took her home.


  3. Mom says:

    Adorable!!! (Of course). “Wow”
    It is very clever and pretty sure to be a keeper.


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  5. Carol says:

    This reminds me of when I tried to make a garden stepping stone with the kids handprints. It was a disaster. I got so frustrated, the kids got upset and those darn stepping stones stayed in the garage laughing at me for years. Sigh….at least I didn’t have Pinterest back then. I might have had a nervous breakdown over all the stuff I wasn’t doing.


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