Farmers’ Market Birthday

Awesomely Artistic, Butterfly Basics

This is the birthday card I sent my friend Susan. Susan got a little story with her card, because the card didn’t arrive until almost two weeks after her birthday, and I needed a good excuse for being so late. The reason, of course, is I procrastinated. I wanted a gorgeously gorgeous card for her, but nothing I made seemed “right.” Finally, I realized that even if I mailed my latest attempt right that second, it would still be late, because her birthday fell on a Sunday. And, of course, she was flying out of the country a few days later, and who wants to be bothered with having to thank someone for a card when they’re getting ready for a trip?

I decided to be thoughtful (ahem!) and mail the card so it would arrive while she was gone, and it would be a happy “welcome home” surprise. So while I was stamping my heart out in a Virginia Beach motel room, I made a gorgeous card for her.

When I got home, I had a welcome home surprise. Susan had sent my birthday card a week early, because she’s organized and on top of things, and she knew if she didn’t send it before she left for Ireland, it would be late. Susan is not at all like me. It was a beautiful card, but it was very like the one I had made for her. And I realized I had added a butterfly to the card. Susan doesn’t like butterflies, and while I send her lots of butterfly cards as a joke, I couldn’t do that for her birthday. Back to the drawing board.

So this is the card she ended up with. I used the Butterfly Basics  (sans butterfly) and Awesomely Artistic stamp sets.  I stamped the images directly on the Farmers Market designer series paper. Normally, I’d use StazOn for this, since I knew I’d be coloring the images. Especially the image that got double stamped. (Ugh.) But now Stampin’ Up! has a fabulous Basic Black Archival stampin’ pad. Look at those crisp, clean lines (except for the one that got double stamped. Ugh. Again.)

I used Stampin’ Write markers to color the images and then added some Linen Thread to the card when it was finished.

One really nice thing happened because of this fiasco. In Susan’s little story, I mentioned that maybe my dear husband would buy me the tool that’s all the rage with stampers these days (a MISTI) for my birthday, so I wouldn’t have embarrassingly awful mistakes like this on cards I make for my perfectionist BFF. Mike mentioned yesterday that my gift was on the way – and when I asked what it was, he actually showed me. Usually, he and Jon and Wes just look at me, like, “Really? You really think I’m going to tell you and spoil the surprise?” Well, no, I don’t, but I’m going to ask anyway. One day, I might catch you off guard. And it worked! Mike pulled up this web site and covered his ears as I squealed, “You bought me a MISTI??? Wait…how do you even know what a MISTI is? Oh….SUSAN!” Yep. Apparently, she sent him a message and said, “Mike, buy this for Buffy.” And, of course, because he had no idea what it was but he trusts Susan, he bought it – AND all the extras as well. I can’t WAIT! It’s coming Tuesday, along with my latest Stampin’ Up! order, so it will be like another birthday!

Thanks, Susan! You totally ROCK! (Let me know if you need me to send any messages to Rob!)

Thanks for stopping by Stamping with Buffy. Have a wonderful day!

About buffycooper

Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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6 Responses to Farmers’ Market Birthday

  1. ralimiller says:

    Such a cute story and a beautiful card! :))


  2. Sandy says:

    Awesome card, awesome story, awesome birthday gift! Wish my birthday weren’t 9 months away. I’d ask you to send MY hubby a message.


  3. Susan Horr says:

    You should have sent me both cards, although I loved the one you did send!


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