Autumn Leaves Ensemble

Don’t you just love fall when the weather is crisp and cool and the leaves look like a colorful shawl spread over the trees? In this tutorial, you’ll learn to replicate those beautiful fall leaves with the Vintage Leaves stamp set and a little ink and card stock. You’ll use them to create a beautiful fall bowl and greeting card. And I’ll show you a fun way to use the new Stampin’ Up! Cotton Paper Assortment to dress up an ordinary candle. Each of these projects would make a fun class, or you could offer all three together as a stamp camp.

Vintage Leaves, Craft Project Central, Stampin' Up!

I’m extra excited to share this project with you, because it’s my design for August for Craft Project Central! To get the instructions, simply subscribe to August, or select one of the 3-month or discounted 6- or 12- months packages. Leave a comment on my project on the CPC site by midnight, August 31, and you could win a free one month subscription!

I have to say, if you haven’t worked with the cotton paper, it’s amazing! It makes gorgeous flowers (and leaves), and can be used for many other projects as well. It’s thinner than designer series paper, but thicker than tissue paper. And, of course, the Vintage Leaves bundle is one of my favorites.

So after having a little girl in the house for four days, it was so quiet when I got home from dropping her off last night. And not a good quiet. It was a little sad, actually. Miss Amelia is so much fun and such a joy to have around. She always gives a big, huge grin to anyone who comes to visit, and makes them feel so welcome. And she’s so smart. If you show her something one time, she’ll have it figured out. She’s a little mimic. Anything you do, she copies. It’s adorable.

I learned some things about being a grandma and having a baby around 24 hours a day. First, it’s easier when you’re a parent. Not only because you’re younger, but because you have full time equipment. We don’t have a high chair. We have a booster seat with a tray. We used to let Amelia eat in her walker, but the dog thought that was a food truck and he tended to share her meals. The booster works great as a high chair, but it’s still level with the dog’s head. When Amelia gets tired of eating, she feeds the dog her leftovers. Even if she’s not tired of eating, she’ll let him lick her fingers. And then she picks up food with those same fingers and, well, you get the idea.

That brings me to another thing about being a grandma. You realize that a few dog germs aren’t going to be the end of the world. In fact, you rationalize it by saying, “It’s building her immunity!” Or if you find her chewing on, oh, let’s say, a bug, you tell yourself, “In some countries, that would be a delicacy!” Maybe it’s just because you’re old and tired.

When you have a baby, one of the first things you do (at least once the baby starts to move around) is baby-proof the house. We always had at least one “safe-zone” where we could leave the kids for a minute. It was usually their bedroom. Plus we had baby gates. So if I wanted to, say, take a shower, I could put up the baby gates (one just inside the bathroom door and one in the hall) and close all the bedroom doors except for the one to the boys’ bedroom. They had a large area to play. I’d leave the bathroom door open so I could hear any crashes or cries over the water (fortunately, there were none!), and enjoy five minutes of “me-time.”

If you’re a grandparent, though, your house doesn’t have any “safe-zones.” Our house has hazardous zones and more hazardous zones. Really dangerous stuff is out of reach, of course, but on Amelia Days, I play with her and distract her from the hazardous zones. Everything else is put off until she goes home. So, needless to say, nothing much got done this past week. But, oh, did we have fun! We swam, we read books, we played with toys, we discovered that Amelia didn’t have to sit on Grandma’s lap to play the piano. Now that she can stand independently, she’s the perfect height to press the keys. And the first thing she played was a perfect octave. She’s amazing! She was so happy to learn that she could make her own music to dance to.

Mike & I are off on a business trip (for him; for me, it’s stamp time!) tomorrow, so I won’t see Amelia again until she’s a year old. That’s only a week, but it seems like forever. I’m already missing her. I understand a little more about how my friends and family with grandkids who live hours away feel now. I’ve gotten used to seeing that beautiful little face and getting sticky hugs and kisses every few days. So if my projects next week are a little tear-stained, you’ll know why!

Thanks for stopping by Stamping with Buffy. Have a wonderful day!

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Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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  1. The autumn leaves project is phenomenal – especially, the delicately lovely bowl. I almost cried when you described the grandparenting thoughts. I understand. Blessings on your week ahead.


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