Cat in a Plant and Vintage Leaves

Our cat, Ashlynn, has found a new bed. Sadly, her new bed is a plant that I’ve had for awhile. My friend Kathy gave me a cutting, and it’s grown and grown for over 10 years. And now, it’s pretty smashed. (Please excuse the dead leaves. It’s behind Mike’s desk, so I haven’t spent much time tending it lately.)

I think in this photo she’s stalking the dog, but I’m not sure. Ashlynn has added a totally new dimension to our lives. I always had farm cats growing up. They were sweet, and wonderful mousers, but they weren’t allowed in the house. And after Mike & I got married, we only had dogs. So Ashlynn is, well, an adventure.


We recently had an experience in the grocery store when were were searching for kittly litter. I was going to blog about it, but Mike beat me to it, and he did an amazing and hilarious job. So I’m cutting and pasting his post. At the end, I’ll post my “leafy card,” which, of course, ties into Ashlynn’s new bed.

Here’s Mike’s post. And, in case you’re wondering, Mike refers to me as “the first wife.” He has a weird sense of humor.

I would imagine we all have those zany moments in life that make us snicker a little while breaking a smile. Mine come in waves, I catch my breath and then the next wave comes. Here are few of those moments this week.

I learned this week that not everyone walks up to strangers and talks about catpoo. Who knew? About six months ago, we inherited a cat from our younger son. This whole cat thing has been quite a learning experience. I assumed cats were like dogs, but boy did I miss the bus on that one. No, cats are nothing like dogs other than fur, teeth and legs. Shoot, both of my sons had met that low bar.

Cats are different. There are things to love about cats. I love that they coordinate their potty breaks without any assistance from me, but beyond that they’re like little furry ninjas roaming the house waiting to pounce on you (or the dog). It’s a bit unnerving, but I’m getting used to it (with a slight nervous twitch).

OK, back to the strangers and cat poo. Our first kitty litter was amazing. I was shocked that the initial kitty litter did such a good job. I never smelled it. Now, my nose is not the best. So, I depend on the first wife’s olfactory skills. She can truly smell a gnat fart in a tornado. If she couldn’t smell kitty litter I knew we were on the right path.

That original box only lasted for the first month or so. Our second box of kitty litter didn’t do quite as well. This time, I could smell it. That told me that our neighbors could probably smell it. Off to the store for another brand. Sadly, similar results. This week, I went to the grocery store to find the best super-duper smell killing kitty litter, but when I got there, I froze.

There are a lot of different brands with a lot of promises. As I reflected back on the first two boxes, I realized that two failures does not build a great deal of confidence in litter provider marketing. The wall of kitty litter was overwhelming, and then we noticed a guy in the kitty litter isle.

He was looking at the kitty litter just like we were, but you could tell he was an experience pro. He confidently walked up to the wall of litter and pulled down a specific box without batting an eye and that was our queue to pounce. The first wife went up to him and asked about kitty litter.

He was a little startled and stepped back momentarily before answering her questions. We found that he had five indoor cats and six outdoor cats. This guy was an Olympic gold medal resource of information on clearing the haze of kitty poo clouds from your home. He had an automatic pooper scooper that kept his litter box clear without him donning the hazmat suit that I wear. I was definitely in the presence of greatness.

While he was tutoring us on the eradication of kitty odors he suddenly started relaying information to us from another source. Was God speaking to him? Had we demonstrated that were such pathetic cat owners that divine intervention was necessary? Whew, was I relieved when he said his wife could hear our conversation over his earpiece and she was offering advice to two incompetent cat owners. After all, she was on a pro cat owner team.

When he was confident that he had set us on the right path, he excused himself and fled the isle. Well, he was only walking briskly. He might not have been fleeing at all. No matter, we got our nuclear cat odor destroying kitty litter and headed to the cashier. Of course, we had to offer the cashier our cat before leaving the store, but she wasn’t having any of that.

The final eyebrow raising experience I had on the way out of the store happened at the register. When you use your debt card to pay for your nuclear cat odor destroying kitty litter you need to make sure you put on your reading glasses. I have noticed that those little debt card machines are getting smaller and smaller, but I still try to go it alone without pulling out the glasses.

I scanned my card, pushed a few icons and the cashier promptly handed me $80 dollars. I felt like I won the lottery. I didn’t initially realize that the little “do you want cash back” icon was beside the $80 dollar icon and not the $50 dollar icon. So, a note to self, wear your reading glasses when checking out at the grocery story. Off we went, cash and kitty litter in tow. Just another day in my life.


Vintage Leaves, Stampin' Up!This is another partial die-cut card. It’s made exactly like the butterfly card here, but I used the Vintage Leaves stamp set and Leaflets framelits instead of butterflies. (Bundle and save some money!) And, of course, I used more fall colors – Pear Pizzazz, Crushed Curry and Tangelo Twist.

Thanks for stopping by Stamping with Buffy. Have a wonderful day!


About buffycooper

Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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10 Responses to Cat in a Plant and Vintage Leaves

  1. First Wife???? Are there more? Or is the cat the wife #2…some cats insist on wife status after all. Keeps them in catnip without loss of dignity.
    Love the card too…but still in shock over that whole first wife thing. Now I’m trying to figure out how you got all three partial cuts to line up so perfectly…or do you have three sets of the leaf dies?
    Thanks for the sharing and the giggles and the wonderment my friend. From one cat owner to another…don’t worry…Ashlynn will have you trained in no time. With luck she’ll let you remain indoor humans. After all…someone has to empty the potty poo box, keep the plants leafy and smooth for stalking purposes and provide both ankles for biting and laps for sitting.

    Liked by 1 person

    • buffycooper says:

      Once when we were at lunch, a friend called Mike and Mike said he’d call back, because he was out with “the first wife.” The friend was speechless and aghast (I’m not sure why), but Mike thought it was funny. So ever since, I’ve been “the first wife.”
      The cat is doing a marvelous job of training us! We hardly even flinch when she jumps out at us, or grabs an elbow that’s resting on the arm of the sofa. Her latest trick – I have a large shopping bag for carrying my workshop supplies back and forth. She likes to jump into the bag and drag things out to play with. Today it’s a sponge wedge. She was carrying something in her mouth, and my first thought was, “please don’t let it be a creature…” She’s stolen lots of sequins and ribbon, and now the sponges. Life is an adventure.
      As for the three cuts – I’m not sure how it happened that they’re lined up. I folded the card and stamped first, and since the stamps are photopolymer, it was a bit easier. But even with photopolymers I stamp crooked.


  2. Emilie Boyd says:

    Hilarious My daughter left me with 7 cats I am no stranger to cat litter but when they start not using it it is really bad.


  3. Laughed out loud (!) reading this! You both have such a zany sense of humor. (Also like the card!). You had better make a few dozen green ones to glue on when Ashlynn finishes off the plant!


  4. Luralyn says:

    OK, inquiring minds want to know: what particular brand and variety of litter did the professional cat litter purchaser recommend? I’m a veteran cat owner, but I’d be happy to try the nuclear odor destroying variety of cat litter you discovered!!


  5. Sandy says:

    First, very nice card and nicely lined up. Second, Mike’s reference to First Wife made me think First Lady (like in the White House?). I sure like First Wife a lot better than ole’ lady and war department that I’ve heard some people use (Absolutely NOT my husband! He wouldn’t dare. He calls me nice names :>) ). Anyway, I laughed about Mike’s whole story, he is a good story teller. Does not make me want a cat, but your card makes me want the stamps.


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