Stampin' Up!, PunchesThis is another card by Christy. I didn’t want to post it earlier, because she entered it into a Stampin’ Up! design contest. Isn’t it cute? And it’s such a clever way to use two heart punches – the Hearts border punch and Sweetheart punch. The Sweetheart is punched from Dazzling Diamonds Glimmer paper – and the whole design is perfect with the sentiment from Sheltering Tree. I think Christy even embossed the sentiment with a little Iridescent Ice embossing powder for a little more glitz. That’s one of the things I love about photopolymer stamps; it’s so easy to stamp exactly where you want to!

Remember the Color Challenge we have going on right now? This would be a perfect design to use for that! Just switch out the Wild Wasabi, Marina Mist, Calypso Coral, and So Saffron (I think) for Rose Red, Melon Mambo, and Pool Party. Easy!

So here’s a story for you that isn’t that heartwarming. I love having guests in my home – if they’re friends or family. I do not appreciate being accosted on my front porch by salesmen. Especially on a Saturday.

I was on the porch, photographing a project (with ink and glue on my hands, so I didn’t want to be bothered anyway) when a young man walked across the street and up onto the porch. Jon’s dog was standing inside the door, barking at the salesman, because, hey – visitors always have to greet Taz. Silly salesman decided that we obviously – and erroneously -thought the “big, mean dog” was enough protection. Ummmm – the dog is not that big, and not mean at all. No – we have the cat, who is a lot meaner. And sneakier. Then he says, “And I guess you probably have guns as well.”

WHAT? I responded, “Why would you say that?” I mean, do I have a big NRA tattoo on my shoulder? I was thinking, “If I had a gun on me right now, I’d shoot at your feet just to make you dance.” His response was, “Well, a lot of your neighbors have guns.” Yeah – a lot of our neighbors mow three times a week, too. That doesn’t necessarily mean we do. What a tool. Whether or not we own guns is none of his business. Or anyone else’s.

He went on with his spiel, “This is a pretty safe neighborhood…” Well, yeah. Maybe because, according to you, everyone on the street has an arsenal in their basement. Keep spreading that around, fella. No one around here will ever need your product. I told him we didn’t want his security system. He wanted to know if my husband was home.

Oh, Buddy, big mistake! Probably your biggest so far. If I tell you we’re not interested, my husband is going to back me up – even if he wants your product. Do. Not. act like the little woman is too stupid to decide on her own. Little twit. Strike three.

Even though my heart rate had just about doubled and there was a red haze in front of my eyes, I just said, “We’re really not interested,” and went back to my project.

“Oh, you have iPhones.” Me: Oh, you’re still here. *sigh* Guess he was surprised that since we had a big, mean dog and we probably owned guns, we were evolved enough to use iPhones.) “Want to see what we do with iPhones?” I wanted so badly to say, “Want to see what I’m going to do with your iPhone if you don’t get off my porch?” But I just smiled and said, “No.” (Mom would be so proud.) He thanked me for my honesty (oh, if he only knew) and finally left.

So here’s the lesson. If you’re trying to sell someone something, warm their heart. Make them like you – not want to push you off the porch. Compliment them sincerely. Don’t insult or flatter. I don’t even remember the name of the company this guy worked for, but I’ll remember it if I hear it again. And I still won’t be interested!

Thanks for stopping by Stamping with Buffy. Have a wonderful and pushy salesman-free day.

About buffycooper

Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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2 Responses to Heartwarming

  1. debsmart says:

    Buffy, I think you showed amazing restraint in not throttling that salesman where he stood! When people like that come around, I enjoy letting our big, black (and sucky friendly) dog ‘slip’ out the door – just to watch them back-peddle!
    The card you shared is gorgeous – love all the colours and big glimmer heart!


  2. buffycooper says:

    Christy did a beautiful job on the card! She entered it in the punch contest, but it wasn’t a randomly selected winner, sadly. And thanks for your sympathy!! I was really tempted to push him over the edge. If I had thought the dog wouldn’t run into the road, I would have let him out. But then the cat would follow, and it’s really hard to get her back inside. I should have smeared ink on the twit. That would have fixed him. I was covered in Cajun Craze.


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