I Love You

Remember the “unhelpful checkout guy” in this post?  Well, he’s back, and just as unhelpful as ever.

First, let me say that this card (inspired by my friend Jackie Susnik, who is a totally amazing artist) is for all the helpful and friendly retail people out there.  There’s my dear Rachel who loves going to work at the mall during the Christmas season as well as Black Friday, because she just wants to help people find the perfect item they’re looking for.

There’s Jim at hh gregg who sold us a stove yesterday.  We went to four different stores and he was the only person who actually said, “How can I help you?”  And it’s getting delivered tomorrow.  He was very nice and didn’t try to show how much more he knew about stoves than we did.  If you live in the Winchester area and need an appliance, go to hh gregg and find Jim Miller.

And, of course, there’s Emily at the local craft store.  She was such a sweetheart, and so patient even though there was a huge line and the gift card I was buying was giving her trouble.

So this card is for them – and all those like them – because I’m sure they don’t get a lot of smiles from customers this month.

Stampin' Up!, Sizzix Big ShotCute right?  This card uses all die cuts and punches.  The xoxo is from the Circle Card Thinlit and the i{heart}u is from the Labels Card Thinlit.  (Love that Sizzix Big Shot!!) I punched the red heart with the heart punch in the Itty Bitty Accents Punch Pack and added some Red Glimmer Paper and Frosted Sequins.  These silver sequins are so fun – but order quickly.  They’re in the Holiday Catalog, and the sales period ends January 5.

So here’s the latest from unhelpful checkout guy, and it involves yet another shopping basket. What’s up with this guy and shopping baskets?

Mike & I were picking up just a few things for us and a couple gift cards for a real estate closing.   I realized, after all my groceries were on the conveyer belt, that I had forgotten to leave my basket at the front end of the checkout aisle.  The lady behind me was already three feet in, and it would have inconvenienced her to ask her to back up so I could leave my basket.  She didn’t look like she was in the mood to be inconvenienced, but it wasn’t a big deal to just carry it out and leave it at the door where you pick up baskets in the first place.

While the cards were getting activated, I decided to be helpful and bag my own groceries.  To do this effectively, it was necessary for me to set my basket down.  Unhelpful checkout guy rushed over and grabbed my basket, saying, “I’ll take this back for you!”  I was so close to thanking him and moving him up a notch or two from “unhelpful” to “somewhat helpful,” when he added, “From now on, though, just leave it at the front of the lane, not here.”  AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!  Seriously?  Dude, I was taking it to the door, not leaving it here.  I just put it down because you’re too important to bag groceries and I had to do it myself.  In my head, I went through the whole gamut of emotions – from screaming, shooting a dirty look, using my stun gun on him, laughing hysterically as his body twitched for a few seconds…  Fortunately, that all stayed in my imagination (I don’t want to get banned from that store for life!) – although I did tell him my plan had been to put the basket in the basket corral at the door.  He had the grace to look a little sheepish.

So, Unhelpful Checkout Guy – this card isn’t for you.  Take a lesson from Rachel, Jim and Emily!

Thanks for stopping by Ranting errrr –Stamping with Buffy!  Have a wonderful day!


About buffycooper

Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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5 Responses to I Love You

  1. Mom says:

    Oh, Buffy! I am glad you at least gave him a reason to look sheepish! Raging and ranting INSIDE are so unhealthy. I am always for “setting the record straight!” Love the card – and your ability to appreciate the unappreciated!


    • buffycooper says:

      I guess I should clarify something else, too. There were lots of employees standing around talking with each other at hh gregg. So it’s not the store that’s all that great. Jim Miller was the only employee there that was helpful – or even spoke to us. (He was also probably 10-15 years older than the others. That may have something to do with it.) But my Rachel still gets huge kudos, because it doesn’t matter what kind of mood she’s in, how she’s feeling or what’s happened earlier in the day. She is always kind and helpful. I love that girl!


  2. Emilie Boyd says:

    At Lowes here in Woodstock, the people are jumping to help you. They take me right to where the thing I want is and ask if they can help more. Thumbs up to them. Also I ordered meat from Crabills for Xmas and the guy on the phone was charming and helpful.


  3. Carol says:

    I love this rant! I’m glad you told unhelpful guy that you were actually going to put the basket away. I guess he’s used to unhelpful customers, but he still shouldn’t assume everyone will be that way.

    Liked by 1 person

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