Seasonally Scattered

Seasonally Scattered, Craft Project Central, Stampin' Up!So today I have a card and a story for you.

First the card.  This is my entry in the Craft Project Central “Creating Pretty Cards” sketch challenge.  You can find the challenge here.  Just create a card, using the sketch as a guideline, and post the link to the Craft Project Central site.  For every 10 entries, one card is randomly selected, and the card creator wins a free subscription to Craft Project Central!  So get your creative cap on and get started!

I used the Seasonally Scattered stamp set for this.  I stamped the “Merry” stamp in silver on a Tea Lace paper doily, then embossed it with silver powder.  All that was left was to add a few frosted sequins for a little more glitz!  It’s layered to a panel of Lost Lagoon card stock with some All Is Calm designer series paper borders.

And now for the story.  Mike has a HUGE key chain with keys to all the rental properties we manage.  He also wants to have master keys in the office, so if someone needs to get in and he’s not around with his megachain, it won’t be a problem.  So I offered to make keys today.  I picked up Miss Amelia early, then came back home to give her a “second breakfast” and get both of us dressed for the day.  Miss Amelia decided to take a little nap while I was showering, and was not pleased when I woke her up to put her in her car seat.  Halfway to the key store (Norvac – and they are the best), she decided to repay me by howling loudly from the back seat.  Apparently, it was time for her Elevensies.  I pulled over to give her a little snack, then we continued to the store.

We finally got to Norvac.  Mike had given me a list of the keys he needed, and, I thought, the number of each that he needed.  (I swear he said earlier, “We need two of these…” – so I thought we needed multiples of some keys.)  There were four properties we needed keys for, but he had crossed out the first and fourth.  So we needed two of the second and three of the third.  (Maybe you’ve seen this video, so you know where I’m headed with this.)

When I got back to the office, Mike looked at the keys.  Then he looked at me.  And back at the keys.  Finally, he said, “Why did they make so many?”  Me, pointing at the list:  “You said you needed two of these, and three of these…”  Mike:  “Oh, no…I was numbering the list.”  Seriously?  I don’t remember him ever numbering a list before.  Ever.  But I am very glad he crossed off #4.

A little while later I heard him telling Jon the story.  “Bullet points from now on, Dad,” Jon responded.  Yep.  Good plan.  Because even though I’m left-handed and musically and creatively inclined, my left brain kicks in on me at times.

So – now, go create a card using the CPC sketch.  Have a wonderful day – and thanks for stopping by Stamping with Buffy.


About buffycooper

Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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