Introducing Miss Amelia

She’s here! Our little Amelia Lynn Cooper arrived Friday, and she’s absolutely perfect. Wes and Stephee are natural parents. I don’t think Wesley had even held a baby before he held his daughter, but he learned quickly. And Stephee is so fun to watch. She’s an amazing mom. They’re both very proud – and rightly so. Amelia is 6 pounds, 15 ounces, and 19-3/4″ of perfection.

If you’ve seen my facebook page, you’ve probably seen most of these pictures already. I have some new ones, but they’re still on my phone. I’ll be posting, oh, probably a photo a day until that girl turns 50, at least! I’ve already warned my facebook friends – if you don’t want to see pictures, you’d better run the other way when you see me coming. Everyone – and I do mean everyone – who talks to me gets to see pictures. The lady behind me in line at 7-11, the cashier at WalMart, Cate at Martin’s…(Ok, Cate’s a friend, and she wanted to see the pictures. But even if she hadn’t, I would have shown her.
Amelia Makes Her Appearance-001

So, honestly – most beautiful baby ever, right? I know I’m a little biased, but I think she’s gorgeous. Her only “flaws” were a bit of a conehead (she was “sunny side up.”  Yeah – my granddaughter didn’t want the floor to be the first thing she saw when she entered this world.  Nope.  She wanted to see her daddy and mommy!) and a little bruising from the ride into the world – but all that will be gone in a few days.  She loves having her hair done, too.  She fussed through most of her first bath, but when they combed her hair, she cheered right up.

Now, I’m going to finish dinner for my oh-so-neglected husband (who’s a very proud grandpa!)

WithGranddad See what I mean? Very proud.

Thanks for stopping by Stamping with Buffy.  Have a wonderful day!

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Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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8 Responses to Introducing Miss Amelia

  1. carey516 says:

    Congratulations, and ss a proud first time Great-Granndma (as of July 15th when Aubrey Leigh Denis came into the world at 5 lb 1 oz and 17 inchs) I will love seeing your pics.  I live in Florida and they live in Massachusetts, but I did get to hold her because I went up for two events, stayed with Mary and Howard Fife (my bff and stampin up contact)

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  2. Sandy says:

    Congratulations! She is beautiful. Ok, so where are the pics of YOU holding her. I know once you got a hold you would not let go! I can’t wait to meet her. So have a grand time with that “grand.”


    • buffycooper says:

      I’ll post them! Mike took one Friday night, but I haven’t had time to move it from my phone to my blog. It’s my new Facebook profile pic, though. Wes & I were laughing about how many new profile pictures and phone wallpaper photos were of Amelia. I’ll post them soon. I think there are only two; one is mostly of Amelia, because I wanted a good close-up. I hate “handing her over,” but as she said, “Grandma, sometimes a girl has to eat.” I think that’s what she was saying.



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  4. Jackie says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL baby girl. So wonderful that she has that head of hair to be stroked so that she can be calmed when upset. Enjoy this blessing Buffy, your family deserves this gift! Can’t wait to see every picture that you post.

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