Weekend at Virginia Beach

convention center VABeachMike & I spent our Thanksgiving weekend at Virginia Beach this year.  We had planned to attend a convention in October, but it didn’t work out, so the hotel let us switch our reservations.  We chose Thanksgiving weekend.  The kids were mostly working or out of town, and our anniversary was the day before Thanksgiving, so it seemed like a great time to get awdouble Treeay.

We stayed at the Hilton Double Tree.  After we had made reservations and arrangements for the dogs, we found out they allow pets.  Walter would have loved it, I think.  Except the elevators are very slow, and we were on the 11th floor.  When Walter decides he needs to go out, he means “right now!” I’m not sure he would have made it all the way to the exit, so it’s probably good that he stayed home.  Seeing everyone with their pets made me miss my two, though.  (Hoss couldn’t have gone; he’s over the weight limit.)

It’s always an adventure when you spend the night somewhere besides your own home. When we go to Florida, we stay in the same condo each year, so we know what to expect.  We kind of look like a band of gypsies, because we take a lot with us for two weeks.  We took Mike’s juicer and my coffee pot this year.  One year we had two laptops, Wesley’s gaming computer, several game consoles, a printer/fax machine, lots of stamping supplies and the dog.  And, of course, we had all our beach stuff – chairs, umbrellas, coolers, skim and boogie boards and towels.  I know a lot of people laughed because our kids took games, but, hey – it was their vacation.  If that’s what they wanted to do, it was fine with me.  Besides, how could I say no to that when I took a ton of stamping things – including my Big Shot?

This time, we didn’t take much, because it was only a weekend.  I had forgotten, though, about hotel air.  It’s dry.  Very, very dry.  When the heat fan would cut off at night, I could hear Mike snoring.  Loudly.  Usually he snores only when he’s lying on his back, but with the dry air, it didn’t matter.  I had dreams of being chased by a loud, angry bear.  And then I woke up to this high pitched squealing sound.  As a late night comedian put it once, it sounded like Mariah Carey had been caught in a bear trap.  And after my dreams, it startled me awake.  I realized it was coming from my dry nose.  So my checklist of things to take on vacation now includes humidifier and ear plugs.  Or a fan for “white noise.”

Then, of course, there was the shower.  I turned on the hot water and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Finally it was warm enough to tolerate, but not really hot.  I thought perhaps it was because Mike & I got moving later than the Black Friday shoppers and the hot water was gone.  About halfway through my shower, the water got cold.  Very, very cold.  Icy, in fact.  As I struggled to catch my breath and try to find out why Mariah Carey was now in the shower with me, I realized that I probably really am a soprano after all.  There were some very clear, high pitched tones being sung in there.

After a few seconds, the water got warmer.  And warmer.  Until it was scalding hot.  Since the water thingy spun all the way around three times, I forgot which direction was hot and which was cold.  As the water got hotter, I realized I was going the wrong way (yeah.  Dean’s List and all that.  Nothing gets past me.), so I switched directions really fast.  I finally found a comfortable temperature so I could finish my shower.  That night I dreamed of boiling lobsters.

All in all, the hotel was quite nice.  There was a craft show next door in the Convention Center, so I picked up a few gifts and a lot of ideas.  The most fun was having my hubby for the weekend.  Even though we didn’t do anything super special, it was great being together with few interruptions.

So, there you go.  My Thanksgiving in a nutshell.  (Ok, probably bigger than a nutshell.)  Thanks for stopping by Stamping with Buffy.  And, as my friend Susan Horr says, “May you always have something to be thankful for!”

About buffycooper

Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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1 Response to Weekend at Virginia Beach

  1. Mom says:

    WHAT an adventure!! And only a quirky sense of humor saved the day – anyhow – we are as glad as the dogs to have you home!!


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