Don’t Panic

Perfect Blend, Stampin' Up!, Gift Card holderMy mom has a motto – “Don’t panic; just improvise.”  Growing up on a farm in the country, we often didn’t have everything we needed to finish a project or a recipe unless we really planned ahead.  It’s not like we were miles outside of nowhere, but my dad frowned on multiple trips “to town” in a week.  So we improvised.  A lot.  Mom is the Queen of Improvisation – and she’s great at it.  Me – not so much.  (Tartar sauce and Cream of Tartar — not the same.  Just sayin’.) 

I’m getting better, though, especially since I have kids.  So here’s the story.  You probably know my birthday is coming up.  (If you don’t know that, let me just say it again – my birthday is coming up!  Soon!!)  I wanted to give a hint or two to any family or friends who may be flummoxed about gift ideas.  Not that I’m asking for gifts, mind you.  But if you’re going to present me with one, I’m happy to give ideas.  (Sidetrack:  I had a friend once who said, “We’ve been friends too long.  I’m running out of ideas for original gifts.”  HELLO!  You don’t have to be original.  Anything to do with coffee, books, music or crafting is appreciated.  Always.)

I wanted to do a little gift card with the new envelope punch board that will be available September 1, and what better card than a coffee one, right?  So I pulled out my Perfect Blend set.  Or, at least, I tried to.  I looked through my stamps three times before I remembered that I had loaned it to a friend.  Panic.  Now what?  I don’t even have any retired coffee sets here.  When you get a great idea, it’s hard to switch gears when you realize you don’t have what you need.  (Like I said – I’m not as good at the improvisation thing as my mom.  I’m more like my dad.  We don’t like surprises.)  And then I remembered I had a swap from convention at home.  (Most are still at the office.)  And the creator of the swap – Stacy Miller – used Perfect Blend.  So I borrowed her image (complete with coffee stirrer; isn’t that clever?), layered it to an Island Indigo deco label frame and then to a stamped sheet of Very Vanilla.  (I used the World Map, Gorgeous Grunge and Off the Grid sets.)

For the inside, I created a little envelope from Soho Subway designer series paper and the Envelope Punch Board to make a birthday_insidegift card holder.  Cute, right?  Sadly, the gift card is empty, but I have the number if anyone wants to add some $$ to it.  (Just kidding, of course.  But, seriously, how cool is the Starbucks app for the iPhone?)

So that’s my story for today.  I didn’t panic for very long, and I improvised.  I am becoming just like my mother.  (And that’s a good thing!)

Thanks for stopping by Stamping with Buffy – and have a wonderful day!



About buffycooper

Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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2 Responses to Don’t Panic

  1. Mom says:

    Oh, how I laughed over this one. You are amazing, and I am so happy with your improvisation! There is always a way!! Always.


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