Bombs Away – Photopolymer Birthday Set

I have so many fun new things to show you.  Sadly, however, my camera battery died today, so I’ll post some tomorrow.  In the meantime – (drum roll!!!) – Stampin’ Up! has released a new photopolymer stamp set – Bombs Away.  It’s a birthday set, and has some really cute sentiments.  I could see my boys – well, not using the stamps, but at least saying some of these things.

Photopolymer stamps, Stampin' Up!, clear stamps, Bombs AwaySome of these sayings crack me up – like the “mediocre sheet cake” one.  I took a cake decorating class, and I flunked the basic shell design.  I don’t think cake decorating will ever be my thing, unless you consider throwing little sprinkles or confetti on a cake “decorating.”  Fortunately, there are so many candles on most of the cakes I bake that there isn’t room for any decoration.  The melted candle wax is the decoration.  And maybe I’ll use the Classic Rock one, except cross that out and write “Oldies,” or “Swing,” or “Minuet!”  (I don’t think family members would be amused.  In fact, I can see my father’s eyebrow raising into his former hairline right now!)

The one about collecting things also tickles me.  My boys used to have the strangest collections.  Jon had a potato chip can lid on his dresser, and each night he’d leave his chewing gum on the lid.  I guess he was planning on chewing it the next day, but, well, he didn’t.  So each night, if he had been chewing gum at bedtime, he’d leave it on the lid.  After awhile, he had a really nice sculpture going, and then he decided he’d collect used gum.  (Seriously gross.)  Another one of his collections was lint.  Yep.  Dryer lint.  Every time we cleaned the lint screen, we’d put it in this huge pretzel container from Costco.  Friends even brought him lint in interesting colors.  Wesley was a little more traditional.  He collected pocket knives.  I tried to get them interested in rock collecting, but that was a little too mainstream for them.

Check out the photopolymer stamps!  They’re very inexpensive, and they’re simple to use.  The images in “Bombs Away” look like they’re quite a bit larger than the Designer Typeset ones.   I was using Designer Typeset today and lost an “e.”  I finally found it just as I was ready to give up and just add an extra foot to an “f” whenever I needed an “e.”  Bombs Away is $13.95.  You can learn more here.  Click the photo below to see them in action.  Thanks for stopping by Stamping with Buffy – and have a wonderful day!

Photopolymer stamps, Stampin' Up!, clear stamps, Bombs Away

Click on the photo to watch the video!

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Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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