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Have I mentioned I love My Digital Studio 2?  I ordered the Greeting Card Kids download over a year ago, but never used it much, because I had to print it, then watercolor it.  The problem:  I have an ink jet printer, so the lines tended to bleed if I wasn’t really careful.  And, seriously, how careful can you be when you’re watercoloring?

Imagine my delight when I found the MDS 2 Freehand Brush Tool!  I colored the image of the little girl on the pumpkin using the digital tools, and I love the vibrant colors.  I still need some practice, but even if you mess up, there’s an eraser tool.  Nifty, huh?  I always get outside the lines when I color, so with the eraser, it’s an easy clean up.

The pumpkin vine, though, creeps me out a little today.  Why?  Well…Wesley and one of his roommates, Adam, came over to work out and then swim.  Wes came in and announced there was a snake in the pool, and he was finished swimming.

Good grief.

Click on photo to view larger image. But why would you want to see a larger image of the snake?

I expected them to actually remove the snake from the pool.  No.  Adam offered to dispose of it, if I could find a shovel.  Finding a shovel involved walking through the yard with the snake.  Besides, Adam had mentioned it would be messy, which I took to mean, “there will be snake blood and body parts in the pool.”  Ewwwwww.  And blood attracts sharks.  I don’t want snake blood or sharks in the pool.  So I declined.  And they left.  They left!

So here I am, alone, with a snake in the back yard.  Have I mentioned I’m not a huge fan of nature?  At all.  I don’t like bugs, I don’t like creatures, I don’t like to sweat or to be cold.  Friends talk of lovely family camp-outs, and how much fun it was to be together, and sleep in tents and bathe in a lake or stream.  And all I can think is, “Good heavens.  How is that fun??”  I mean, seriously, I’ve evolved past that sleeping on the ground, cooking over a fire and using nature as a bath stuff.  Every time a friend or family member mentions these glorious vacations from 21st century technology, I just want to hug my husband and thank him for never subjecting me to that kind of “fun.”  I have a hard time going for 2 days without internet access.  48 hours without plumbing or electricity?  You have to be kidding me.  Camping is not a fun family activity.  It’s punishment and work.  I don’t like to work on vacation.  And the guys don’t like to hear me whine – which they would if I had to cook over a fire, sleep on the ground, and battle snakes, spiders and gnats for a weekend.  It was bad enough when we had to “rough it” at a Red Roof Inn one night.  A whole weekend with “nature?”  Not in this lifetime.

Back to the present – there’s a snake in my pool and no one here except the dog, who, of course, isn’t interested unless he can eat it.  I called Mike.  He was on his way out of town in the other direction, so wasn’t able to come home right away.  I called my mom, and, of course, my dad was prepared to come to my rescue.  I knew I’d get sympathy there, because, a) Mom has the same dislike of snakes as I do and b) my dad has always been my hero!  Before they could get here, though, Mike came home, because he’s been my hero for the past 30 years of my life.  And guess what?  No stinkin’ snake.  Nope.  He’s moved on – and I don’t want to think about where.  He’s in the yard somewhere, I’m sure, waiting to strike when least expected.  The back yard is now on my “Places to Avoid” list.  And the stupid snake is probably laughing at me and looking for a way into the house.  So now I have to move.

Hope your day is fun and snake-free.   Thanks for stopping by!  I wish you were here in person to help find the daggone snake.

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Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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6 Responses to Snakes & Vines

  1. Jackie says:

    RE what to do?? If the snake is in the back yard, I’d be in the house or front yard. He looked nasty!


  2. Jodie says:

    Love the cards – hate the snake – I live in the wilderness you will never enjoy : ) and rarely see snakes! Funny thing is, in your back yard pool you never expect to see a snake – in my yard I DO expect them and in 13 years have only ever seen 3. Get a cat – they love to kill snakes or at least torment them enough to keep them out of your yard! I usually save your posts in a folder in my email, but since there is a snake pictured in it, it will be in the trash. Sorry, a snake is a snake and on that we both agree!!!


    • buffycooper says:

      Thanks, Jodie! I totally understand. I don’t mind the wilderness – as long as I don’t have to encounter snakes, bugs and furry woodland creatures up close. (Yeah, I’m a wimp.)


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