A Happy Surprise!

I hate to be a tease, but…here’s a little piece of one of the projects for the blog hop next week.  I’ve been working on my hop projects, and didn’t get a chance to make something for today.  But I wanted to share something that happened this afternoon.

There are several craft stores in our town.  One is older and sells mostly fabric, and two are big chain craft/hobby stores.  One of those has habitually bad service.  The employees don’t want to move or stop what they’re doing to help customers.  They’ll point in a general direction to where they think something might be, they’ll block the aisles so you have to go all the way around the store to check out, and they’ll tell you, “No, we don’t have that; I’ve never even heard of it,” when you know it’s something pretty ordinary that every store sells.  But they’re not helpful.

Fast forward to October 2011.  A new “big chain” store opened, and they have better service.  The employees still don’t know a  lot about their product, but they try a little harder.  So maybe they’ve struck fear into the hearts of the other store, because today Stephee and I were looking for some items for jewelry (for her) and a little container I needed for the hop.  The “new store” didn’t have what we needed, so we went to the other store.  I have to admit that I whined the whole way.  In fact, Steph offered to go in and get my stuff so I wouldn’t have to darken the doorway.  (I think she was tired of hearing me whine.)  I did force myself to go in, and I found my stuff pretty quickly, so I helped Stephee look for hers.  We didn’t see it, but as I was wandering in the craft wilderness, an employee (“Mike” – which was ironic, because that’s kind of the name of the store) asked if I needed help.  He was kneeling on the floor doing something with a display in a totally different area of the store.  But he got up and actually helped me find what we wanted.  It wasn’t exactly what we needed, so he gave us suggestions on how to make it work.  I was so impressed that I’m writing a letter to the store tomorrow.

When we got home, Rachel gave Steph and some friends a wonderful facial while I worked on my hop projects.  That brings you up to date on my day, and I think if I try to create something now it won’t be worth blogging.  So until tomorrow – happy dreams!  Thanks for stopping by!

About buffycooper

Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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