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It’s always an adventure to run errands with my dear husband, and today was no exception.  I took lots of work with me in case there was “waiting time.”  One of the things on his agenda was renewing his driver’s license.  The last time he renewed it, licenses expired on the last day of your birth month.  Now they expire on your birthday.

Even though Mike looks at his license many times a month, he’s, well – old, and he needs reading glasses.  And if he doesn’t have the glasses on when he looks at the license, he can’t read the expiration date.  And, really, who checks his license to see when it expires?  (Well, I do, but that’s just me.)  He never got a notice in the mail.  Didn’t they used to do that?  Has it stopped as part of Virginia’s, “Let’s get back in the black!!” budget cuts?  He only found out by accident that it was expiring soon.  He was going to renew it online before it expired, and the instructions said, “Provide five documents to prove you’re a citizen of the United States.”  That seems a bit excessive to me.  I’m surprised he didn’t have to drag his mother and the officiating physician into the DMV to prove he was actually born in the US.  With the online application, he got stuck in a loop, so it was off to the DMV.

Fortunately, he did have five forms of identification, but, unfortunately, they were in the truck.  We were in the car.  So the lady at the information desk who gives you the forms you need to fill out and the slip of paper with your number informed Mike that he needed a certified birth certificate or passport.  (Only one? What happened to needing five?  Maybe that’s just if you’re online.)  He said, “But I’ve been driving for almost 40 years.  Now I have to prove I’m a citizen?”

“Yes,” she replied, “because you let your license expire.”  Well, to be fair, she was doing her job.  But, really, she could have been a little more empathetic.  There’s an art to making people feel like you’re their advocate, even though you’re thwarting their purpose.

We went home, picked up his five forms of ID, and headed back to the DMV.  I spent that time trying to get Mike to calm down.  “She’s just doing her job.”  “It’s not her fault.”  “You need to calm down, because something in your head is going to pop if you don’t.”  Ironically, that made him laugh.  We started thinking – could I sue the DMV if Mike’s head exploded?  Would it make the papers?  Could it be a new disorder and he’d get his picture in the DSM- Whatever Number Is Next?  It could be the “Cooper DMV Disorder.”

The same lady was at the desk when we got back, and she gave Mike an application and a number.  He was in!  I couldn’t help but mention that his number started with a “B,” and all the numbers they were calling began with “C,” “D,” and “E.”  “I think she gave you the last number in the pile because you gave her a hard time before,” I told Mike.  He was not amused.

He finally got called, and his license was renewed by the sweetest girl in the world.  She was very helpful and kind, and she had a sense of humor, which is always a plus when you’re dealing with Mike.  She and the girl at the next window got a chuckle when we were joking about several forms of his ID being expired.  Passport – expired.  Driver’s License – expired.  “Better check your birth certificate and make sure it’s still good,” I warned him.  We decided it’s a really bad day when you find out your birth certificate has expired.

So that was my day.  But I did have a little time to design another Card Buffet card.

Click on photo to view larger image.

Stamp sets:  Christmas Greetings, Tags til Christmas, Delightful Decorations; Ink:  Riding Hood Red, Cherry Cobbler, Garden Green, Wild Wasabi classic; Whisper White craft ink; Paper:  Whisper White, Riding Hood Red card stock; Frostwood Lodge designer series paper; Other:  Ornament punch, white embossing powder, heat tool, embossing buddy  (All products available in the 2011-12 Stampin’ Up! ® Idea Book & Catalog)

I wanted to do something with the ornament stamps and punch, and this worked out perfectly!  It’s really quick to make, but looks really festive.  You could easily use the same layout with pinks and reds and hearts instead of ornaments for a Valentine or an anniversary card.

That’s it for today!  Have a wonderful weekend.  Bundle up tomorrow if you’re in our area.  The high temperatures are supposed to be low 50s.  Fall is definitely here!  Thanks for stopping by.

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Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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