Don’t Laugh…It Could Happen to You!

Years ago, Mike & I were out of town and decided we needed a car wash.  It was one of those “Free Car Wash with Fill-up” gas station things – back when you could afford to fill up your tank.  So, since we were traveling and needed to fill up anyway, we got the car wash.

There were a couple cars ahead of us, so we chatted together while we waited.  The first car and driver went through quickly.  The second…well, the driver pulled up when the light turned green.  The light turned red, but her reflexes were a little slow.  The soap wand thingy spurted a little water and soap on her car, the brushes fluffed up like little hens sitting on nests, she kept going, the soap and water stopped, the fluffy brushes defluffed, the light turned green and said, “Thank you come again!” And then she stopped and put the car in reverse.  The light turned red, soap and water spurted on her car, brushes fluffed, she kept going, the soap and water stopped, the brushes settled down, the light turned green and said, “Please pull up.”  She stopped, put the car in drive and pulled forward.  The light turned red, soap and water spurted, brushes fluffed, she kept going, the soap and water stopped, light turned green and said, “Thank you….” and then she stopped.

By this time, Mike & I are laughing so hard we’re both crying.  We were trying not to be too obvious in case she looked in her rear view mirror, but I know we were doubled over.  The guy behind us was also chuckling, but not with quite the exuberance.  Maybe because he was by himself and didn’t have anyone helping fuel his mirth.

We could feel the lady’s frustration as she backed up, got spurted on, went too far, stopped, pulled forward, got spurted on, went too far, stopped, backed up….She did this about five times.  I think the green light actually said, “Really???  You missed it again????” by the third or fourth time.  Finally she gave up and pulled off, soap and water flying off the car as she drove.  I guess she went to the self car wash later and rinsed off.  I felt really bad for her, but it was hilariously funny to watch.  It would have been a great “Candid Camera” or home video moment.

There’s a spiritual principle of “sowing and reaping” (or “karma” or “what goes around comes around”) that I firmly believe in.  I laughed when Mike had lasik surgery and then had to wear reading glasses for close up things.  The very next day, I suddenly couldn’t read fine print – and it’s been downhill from there!  A few years after the car wash incident, Mike & I reaped our harvest for laughing at the unfortunate lady in front of us that day.

It was one of those weird Virginia winters when we actually had enough snow for the road crews to throw down salt and chemicals.  Our car was a mess, so Mike decided to take it to the “Wishy Washy” (yes, that was the name of the place) and hose it down.  Oh, did I mention it was about 10 degrees outside?  My husband is very smart, but sometimes…

He sprayed a layer of water on the car, and it almost immediately turned to ice.  This should have been a clue, but we ignored the signs.  Then came the soap – a lovely thick, frothy purple mixture that foams out of a brush.  Mike liberally applied the soap, because we wanted those chemicals off the car. By the time he had soaped up the whole car, the first part was frozen.  Solid.  And, to top it off, the water that had run off the car had frozen on the ground, so he was precariously skating around the car with the foaming brush.  I was trying not to laugh.  Our car now looked like a little birthday cake with fluffy purple icing.

We discovered that day that frozen soap just doesn’t rinse off a car in freezing weather, especially if you’re using cold water that freezes as soon as it comes out of the hose.  It just makes more of a mess.  And the ice pond under the car was getting thicker.  Mike finally just gave up, like our friend at the automated car wash, and we drove home.  I always wonder how many people said, “What is that??” when they saw us driving down the road.  Fortunately, it was a short drive to the house, where Mike heated up gallons of water and poured it on the car to melt the icy soap.  I was just glad we didn’t have to wait for the spring thaw to melt it off.  Mike laughs about it now, but it took a few days for him to see the humor.

The point is, be careful at what you laugh at, because it may happen to you.  I always laugh at thin, beautiful women, but so far, I haven’t reaped that reward!  And there’s absolutely no way to segue into this card, except that we had our car wash debacle in winter and this is a Christmas card.

Click on photo to view larger image.

Stamp sets:  Christmas Lodge*, Teeny Tiny Wishes; Ink:  Jet Black StazOn; Always Artichoke, Cherry Cobbler classic; Always Artichoke, Crumb Cake, More Mustard, Soft Suede stampin’ write markers; Paper:  Very Vanilla, Night of Navy, Cherry Cobbler card stock; Other:  Big Shot, designer frames embossing folders, aqua painter, large oval punch, word window punch, modern label punch, Cherry Cobbler quilted satin ribbon*, Dazzling Details*, stampin’ dimensionals

I love the tree in the Christmas Lodge set.  It’s a set that will be in the upcoming Holiday Mini Catalog (available in September).  And I’m enjoying the Dazzling Details.  It adds just that “little something,” and it’s a little thicker than glue and glitter.  It does take a few minutes to dry, though, so do that part of your card first.

That’s it for now.  Be sure to place your final summer mini catalog orders before August 31!  I have an order that will be going in on Wednesday night, so you can add yours to it and save shipping if you’d like.  Be sure I have your order and payment information by 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by.

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Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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3 Responses to Don’t Laugh…It Could Happen to You!

  1. Such a good story. And, alas, I have not reaped any thin and beautiful rewards either!


  2. Kath says:

    Love the story! I had talked myself out of buying any more Christmas sets, you are doing pretty good talking me back into buying. . .


  3. LOL Love the story leading up to your cute card. I can just imagine what that was like. I’m headed to the car wash now, but at least it’s September. Thanks again for sharing.


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