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I have a cookie sheet in my craft room that says, “For Craft Use Only.”  It’s not that I don’t want people borrowing my cookie sheet.  Well, not totally, anyway.  Several of the men in my house have a problem remembering to put things back where they found them.  But this cookie sheet has been used to bake tiles and clay, and has had Pearl Ex powders, ink, acrylic sealer, and who knows what else on it.  Even though it gets washed, I don’t think it would be a good idea to cook on it.

I wanted to take a black Sharpie and write, “For Craft Use Only” on the ironing board, but Mike wouldn’t let me.  He has this strange idea that everything has to be pressed.  Ummm…I don’t know about you, but that little “Permanent Press” label means, “Ironing not needed” to me.  I know that even when clothes jump straight out of the dryer onto a hanger, they’re not “pressed.”  But really – especially in the summer – after you’ve worn them for 5 minutes, they’re not looking very pressed anyway.  In fact, they kind of look like they do fresh from the dryer.  And, frankly, I like the bohemian, wrinkled look.  It gives off a “barefoot, summer at the beach” feeling.  And, like my mother always used to say about me, “No one will ever notice on a racehorse.”  I think she meant that as an endearment, but, like I said in yesterday’s post – I had to keep up with my big brother, so I didn’t have time to slow down.

The new Stampin’ Up!® Idea Book & Catalog has a new “Domestic Goddess” suite, with lots of images that have a seventies feel.  That wasn’t my favorite decade, and as you can tell from the above paragraphs, I’m not a “Domestic Goddess.”  So when I first saw this set, I thought, “Ick – seventies and housework?”  But then I read some pretty funny little quotes and thought, “Hey!  This is my chance to get back at that less than idyllic decade.”

Click on photo to view larger image.

Created with My Digital Studio.  Stamp brush sets:  House & Home, Favorite Things; Colors:  Calypso Coral, Island Indigo, Pool Party, Whisper White

And here’s the inside –

And, really, don’t wrinkles get more lovely as we get older?  Well, no, actually, they don’t.  But I’m learning to live with them.

This card incorporates very basic MDS techniques, so if you’re new to digital crafting, it’s a good one to start with.  Here are the steps.

  • Create a new project (I used a standard card size – 4-1/4″ x 5-1/2″, portrait)
  • On the first page, fill background with Island Indigo.
  • Add “tablecloth” stamp (from House & Home); resize and recolor with Pool Party
  • Punch a square and fill it with Calypso Coral.
  • Punch a slightly smaller square and fill it with Whisper White.
  • Add the flowers (from House & Home) and resize them; recolor to Calypso Coral.
  • Add a punch the same size as and directly above the Whisper White/flower panel.
  • Fill it with Whisper White, then pull the opacity back until you get the color you want.  I think mine is about 55%.
  • Add the ironing board (from House & Home); resize and recolor with Island Indigo.
  • Add Island Indigo grosgrain ribbon – bow.
  • Punch modern label punch; fill with color of choice (I used the color picker and chose the lighter color from the flowers under the ironing board).
  • Add brads to punch.
  • Add fancy flower punch.  Fill with Calypso Coral.
  • Add sentiment from Favorite Things.  Resize to fit flower.
  • Inside:  on the second page, change the background to Pool Party.
  • For the third page, change background color to Pool Party
  • Add text box; fill with your greeting.  Change text color (I used Island Indigo, bold).
  • Add clothespins (House & Home); resize and recolor.
  • For the back page, I just changed the color to Island Indigo.
  • Send to printer.

I added a brad to the checklist to select “Never.”  You can also insert a text box, mark it with “x,” and move it over the box you want to mark. I also inserted drop shadows to the embellishments and to the flower and modern label punches, so they’d look “real.”  And if you grab the corner of anything and see the little round arrow, you can rotate images (like the ironing board and bow) so everything isn’t at 90 degree angles.

If you want to print this yourself, you can leave the backgrounds white and print on colored card stock to save ink.  Or you can just print images and add real embellishments.  If you don’t resize them, your “real” ribbon, brads, punches will be the same size as the digital ones. Or…there are lots of options as far as printing goes.  Of course, if you send it to Stampin’ Up!® printers, the colors will be “true,” so your ribbon, brads and other card stock will match, and it will look exactly as it does on your computer screen.  The cost is fairly low – $1.95 each to print 1-4 cards; shipping for 4 cards is $3.35, or $3.15 for 1 card.  (See printing prices here, and shipping charges here.) You’ll also get envelopes with the cards.  I’ve been very happy with my printed materials.

So that’s it.  In case anyone out there in cyberspace is worried about my DH, and fretting that he’s walking around in wrinkled clothes, let me put your mind at ease.  I have ironed for him.  But, honestly, the last time I did it, he asked me not to iron his clothes any more.  True story.  He’s much better at it than I am.  Am I the lucky one, or what??

Thanks for stopping by!

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Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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