Life in a Fishbowl

Mike & I went to a nearby city “over the mountain” yesterday.  I’d give you the name of the town or city, but I’m not sure which one it was.  Over the mountain, it’s one big run-together city, which is probably why people from this side of the mountain just say they’re “going to ‘the city.'”  Which one?  Who knows? Well – Mike does.  And people who live there, I guess.  I’ll always be a “country girl,” though.  The “big city” gives me hives, and I can’t wait to get home.

While we were there, we stopped for lunch.  My only stipulation was to go somewhere that had nice salads.  So we went to Sweetwater’s, because I knew their salads were fabulous.  (I got the Monterey chicken, and it was wonderful.  I didn’t read the description well enough, though, and discovered the chicken was battered and fried.  *sigh*  I picked the chicken off and brought it home for the kids.)  Sweetwater’s has a revolving door, and even though there’s a “regular” door beside it for handicapped or other use, they want you to use the revolving one.  I guess it keeps the heat out (or in – depending on the weather) better than a “real” door.  Great idea – but I’m revolvingdooraphobic.   I have a friend who was going through one with her kids, and one of the children got stuck.  (She was ok, and my friend got her out in seconds, but it was scary for everyone.)  And I just don’t like them.  I’ve had people say, just keep moving.  You can’t get stuck.  Well…

I have another friend who was teaching some classes at a fitness convention.  The hotel/convention center also has a revolving door.  Danielle was following a guy with a huge gym bag, and just as he was getting out, he decided to get his bag wedged in the door.  He was fine, but she was stuck in the door until they could get the bag unwedged.  And it took hours.  Ugh.  I can’t imagine how hot it was with the sun streaming in through the glass.  And, of course, everyone who wanted to use the door would just stare at Danielle, like she could do something about it.  Her comment was, “I felt like a fish at the aquarium.”

Being a pastor’s wife for years and years, I know about that!  People are always watching you.  Sadly, it wasn’t so much as an example, but to see where you were going to mess up.  I finally had to realize that it really didn’t matter what I did or didn’t do; someone was going to take offense.  I was too friendly; I wasn’t friendly enough.  I should just know if someone was needing help and give them a call; I shouldn’t meddle.  I finally just gave up and did what I believed was the right thing, since someone was going to be upset anyway.  So life in the fish bowl wasn’t that hard.  It just meant doing the right thing, which is what I try to do even when I’m not in “the public eye.”  I suppose that was ingrained when I was small.  Dad & Mom always taught us to be polite and considerate of others’ feelings.  Which, of course, is the “Golden Rule” in a nutshell.  And one of those “polite things people do” was to send a thank you card any time someone did something for you.  And here’s one we made at the open house.

Click on photo to view larger image.

Stamp set:  Faith in Nature; Ink:  Cherry Cobbler, Chocolate Chip classic; Lucky Limeade stampin’ write marker; Paper:  Soft Suede, Whisper White, Cherry Cobbler, Lucky Limeade; Other:  Big Shot, Top Note die, Chocolate Chip dotted scallop ribbon, Petals-a-plenty embossing folder, word window punch, stampin’ dimensionals, blender pen

On the original, I inked the entire flower in Chocolate Chip, then colored it (gently!!) with a blender pen and ink.  If you do this, you need to clean your blender pen before you pick up ink each time, because the Chocolate Chip will bleed into the Cherry Cobbler a little since it’s not waterproof.  And it will be on your blender, so it gets a little muddy looking if you don’t clean the pen.  Or you can use Chocolate Chip craft ink and clear emboss the image first.  (I’m still not over losing Basic Brown.  Sometimes I just want permanent ink that’s not black or gray!)  When Judy made her card Saturday, she colored the flower and the outline with Cherry Cobbler and it was really lovely.  So I stamped my extras that way.  If you get a little Cherry Cobbler on the stem of the flower, you can use the blender pen to clean it off, then add ink back with the marker.  And to color the flower, you just pull the ink that’s already there into the image with your blender pen.  Since the blender pen is a little dryer than an aqua painter, it doesn’t smudge up your image too much.  Easy – and quick.

Well – that’s probably enough rambling for today!  Look for a cool new promotion in August – and don’t forget the summer mini catalog!  The sales period for that goes through August 31.  It’s easy to overlook it with all the new catalog excitement.  But the summer mini has some wonderful products – including the Strength & Hope stamp set and digital download.  For each set or download sold, Stampin’ Up!® will donate $2 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  So you’re not indulging your stamp habit with another set; you’re helping find a cure for breast cancer.  For more information, click here.

Thanks for stopping by – and have a great day!

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Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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