Hostess Promo and Something Different…

Now is a great time to hostess a workshop!!  From today through Aug. 31, hostess with a qualifying workshop can select an extra $25 in hostess benefits!  

Hostess_Promo_0810 Hostessing a workshop is lots of fun!  Contact me to set a date. 
Our web sites are being updated today, so you'll be able to connect your
workshop information to your facebook page. 

Dates: July 27-August 31, 2010

Hostesses will receive an additional $25 in hostess free merchandise dollars when they hold a workshop totaling $350 or more!  (Online orders won't qualify for this; if you have a qualifying order, please call or e-mail me with the order and I'll send it in for you so you can get the extra benefits!!)

Now, for the "something different."  I love making little flowers with the scallop circle punches.  You punch about 6 scallop circles from card stock (I use both sizes of the scallop circle punches), then run them through the crimper about 4 times each.  Then, very gently, pull the card stock apart, so you end up with two thin halves from each circle.  The center is kind of fuzzy, and looks a little like felt.  Layer the flowers, twisting them around so they're not stacked exactly, skewer in the center (I use the paper piercing tool), and add a brad.  Then you start with the top layer and scrunch each one around the brad, so you end up with a really funny looking lump.  After that, you can gently smooth out the layers until the flower looks the way you want.  You can sponge the edges, add glitter, whatever you want. 

If you're visual, those instructions may be difficult to follow.   I made a tutorial with pictures; it was wonderful!!  But the photos were all blurry.  I'll do another one later today.  (Edited Tuesday afternoon – Photo Tutorial has been added!  View here.)  But the whole point of all that is….

…I wondered if it would work with fabric.  I have seen lots of darling little pins (Stampin' Up! demonstrators have to use the word "darling" in our comments at least once a week.  It's in the agreement we sign.  Just kidding.) – anyway, I've seen these little pins made from the Flower Folds sizzix die, but I don't have that one.  I've been meaning to get it, but just haven't yet.  So I decided to use the Scallop, Circle #2 die, which has two sizes of scallop circles.

I found some gorgeous quilt scraps at the fabric store, so as soon as I got home yesterday, I started cutting.  I cut two large circles and two small circles from each of the four patterns.  (For the math challenged, or anyone who hasn't had coffee yet, that gave me 16 scallop circles – 8 large and 8 small.)  I layered the circles, sewed a pretty button from my button box to the center, and, well – this is what I came up with.

Scallop_pin I used the Circles #2 die to cut a small circle from felt and added it to the back with Crystal Effects.  A pin back went on next.  I think most people use a hot glue gun, but I'm not sure where mine is.  So far, the CE is doing a great job.  The boys used it to fix skateboards and paintball guns, so I figure I can use it for a pin! 

I sprayed each layer with a little spray starch and scrunched them around the button so it would look more like a flower and less like a bunch of flat circles.  I clipped them up and heated with my heat tool for a little bit, then left them clipped up overnight. 

I love the way it turned out!  I'll give you the supplies in a minute, but first…while I was at the fabric store, I met a lady who had a huge bundle of batting in her cart.  I mean, it was bigger than most toddlers.  She said she was making quilts for the Linus Project, and, of course, I had to know more.  They give quilts and blankets to children's hospitals, which made me cry, of course.  Wesley spent several days in the hospital when he was three months old.  That's not a long time, and he didn't have anything serious – just a high fever due to a stomach flu, but scary in a baby that young.  I couldn't imagine having a child with a serious illness in the hospital for any length of time – and how scary it must be for a child.  So this project really touched my heart. 

I've never made a quilt, but I can sew a (relatively) straight line, and we have some products coming in the holiday mini…well, let's just say, I'm going to give it a try.  (Note to Mom – who has made a quilt – you may want to ignore phone calls from me!!  Because we all know when I start in on something like this, I drag you into it to help.)

If you'd like more information about Project Linus, here's the web site –

Pin supplies:
Crystal Effects, Scallop Circle #2 die, Circles #2 die, Big Shot
Other – Fabric, pin backing, felt, needle & thread

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Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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