A Broken Stone…

…can still be inked! 

Life has been wild around here the past two days.  I worked with Mike designing a flyer for a marketing project we're doing yesterday morning.  Once it's launched, I'll fill you in!  Anyway…I had promised to accompany the oratorio society rehearsal last night, so spent yesterday afternoon frantically putting in some last minute practice time so I wouldn't disgrace myself.  Except for the "fugue-y" pieces where everything's going in different directions, it went ok.  Our accompanist is amazing.  She's an organist – but also plays the piano gloriously – and I swear she grows an extra hand and foot when she plays.  I run out of fingers!  So I'm always a little nervous when I fill in, because I don't want everyone cheering when she comes back.  I mean, it's ok if they're glad to see her, but not because, "Oh, yay!!  We don't have to suffer through the sub accompanist again."

Anyway – when I got home (after 10), I realized I had another project due this morning, so stayed up until after1 to finish that. Then I was wired and couldn't get to sleep until Mike left at 4:30.  So – needless to say, I was a waste today!  But I did do this –

Broken_stone Isn't this cute??  Too many clouds – and they're too small, but I had a blast!  Read about the broken stone here.  Years ago when I was little, milk was delivered to the house and it was in glass jars.  (Yeah, I'm that old.)  One day I decided to be helpful and bring in the milk, which had been sitting outside long enough to have condensation on it and get a little slippery.  So – it was heavy and wet, I was too young and my hands were too small, and you can guess what happened.  Milk all over the front porch.  I know my mom thought, "Great, one more thing to clean up."  But what she did was ask if I was hurt (I wasn't), then she calmly picked the big pieces of glass out of the mess, swept up the little ones and hosed off the front porch and broom.  She never fussed and never complained – about the mess or the wasted milk.  Amazing woman, my mother!  My boys will tell you, I'm not always that sanguine.  But I have learned over the years not to whine over or mourn things that can be replaced. And a baking stone?  Not a big deal. 

However…that said, after looking at the broken pieces for a couple days, I kept thinking, "I could do something with that."  So today I took the plunge.  I'm not sure if I'm going to put felt and feet on it and use it as a trivet or hang it or put it on the porch.  And this is actually the "trial and error" sample to see if it would really work.

I found that Whisper White craft ink works best, so I stamped solid images from Wings of Friendship and Kind and Caring Thoughts in the white ink.  Then I colored over them with watercolor pencils.  The clouds are from Good Neighbors, and they're colored in with a white watercolor pencil.  I'm going to bake it, then seal it with acrylic sealer.  Keep your fingers crossed!!

If you have any ideas about what to do with this (and 2-3 other pieces!), I welcome your comments! 

About buffycooper

Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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1 Response to A Broken Stone…

  1. Sandy Moriarty says:

    Ha, I knew you could do it. Great “save” from a destroyed pizza stone! I vote you keep it as a trivet. Or, you could affix a hanger on the back and hang in your craft room to “show what you can do with the darndest things.” You could decorate and use the smaller pieces as coasters.


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