Knowing What’s Important

We had the first Love Notes class yesterday.  AccuWeather said we'd get maybe a light dusting of snow, so, ignoring the ominous clouds in the West (or East, or South…they seemed to be everywhere), intrepid stampers from Virginia and West Virginia headed to my studio for a morning of fun.  (Ok, it was just Sandy and me.  But we both have 4WD, we're both stamping addicts, and we're both hardy women.  HA!  That's a joke.  Sandy is an amazingly strong woman; I'm a total wimp, but the snow wasn't that bad.)

We had a great time chatting, stamping and learning new things until Mike came in two hours later and said we had 3 inches of snow already.  Oops.  My drive home is about three miles; Sandy's took her about three hours.  I think the worst roads were the ones they put chemicals on but didn't plow.  It was just a slushy mess that later froze into icy gutters.  If they'd just leave it alone, it would be a lot easier to drive through.  Unless, of course, you're in a girlie-man car that can't get through 3 inches of snow.  But, in that case, stay home!  Anyway, we all got home safely.  I wore boots for "a dusting," so the snow came over the tops on the way to and from the car, but that's it.  (Ok, Sandy had to walk across her footbridge in regular shoes.  And climb a mountain.  So I guess I shouldn't whine too much.)

The point of all that blathering is this.  Sandy's neighbor found out she had come to Winchester yesterday and said, "Wow, it must have been something really important to go out in this."  Well, yeah.  People who don't share the addiction just don't get it.  But you have to see what Sandy brought to the class.  She's amazing…

Sandys_garden I had convinced myself I didn't need this set.  I love it, but I'm really not a gardener.  I'm more of a "garden killer."  (True story – I killed a fake plant once.)  But this is just so pretty.  It reminds me of my grandmother who always wore gloves when she was gardening.  She had very bad arthritis, but she always kept her nails and hands in good shape.  And she was forever fussing at me for working on things (pitting cherries, digging in the dirt, cutting up walnuts) that destroyed my nails – which, unfortunately, I nibbled on anyway – and discolored my hands.  But gloves just get in the way… This is Sandy's "yellow and purple" card.  I think it's just lovely.  It uses Garden from the Heart and…I can't remember what set the sentiment is from. 

Here's another one…

Girl_on_swing This is the sketch I used yesterday.  Stamps sets are A Kind Word, Cheep Talk (the branch) and Whimsical Words.  I love how Sandy used her corner rounder and border punches to make the scallop edge around the rectangle layers.  (Ok, I'm kidding.  She used another product for that, but I'm not complaining since most of the demonstrators I know also use those.  I, however, am too cheap to buy a product I don't get a commission from.  Did I mention my ancestors were Scots?)  But I like the way the swing is on the branch and not just "hanging from mid-air."

And here's the final one.  This is a great birthday card for a guy (no matter how old).


I love the way she has the balloon coming out of the frame.  The paper and hodgepodge hardware were some of my favorites before they retired.  *sigh*  But I do love the new paper and the vanilla and silver hardware, so I can't dwell too much on the past.  I love the way she mixed the colors, though, and the "manly" paper and hardware with the whimsical bear.  Because, let's face it, do men ever really grow up?

I was going to show you the thank you card I made for Mike to send, but I think I'll wait.  It's very, very basic, especially next to these!  I just read a post about what someone considered a "basic" card, and she had three examples.  Oh, my…I can only hope to arrive at basic!  They were amazing.  I guess mine are still in Kindergarten.  Or preschool, maybe. 

That's it for today!  We may venture out later.  The kids were out in this mess twice yesterday.  Jonathan went out for groceries late last night.  Shortly after he left, Mike's phone rang, and my heart kind of stopped for a second.  First, because it was Jonny's "ring tone," and second because he always calls me first, so to call his dad's phone, it had to be bad news, right?  No – he just thought of something and wanted to ask Mike about it.  So – new rule:  When you're out in the snow, do not call unless it's an emergency!  I don't need any more gray hairs. 

Enjoy your day!

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Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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