Quick Note…

Just a quick note about online ordering.  The Love You Much bundle has been hugely popular.  I think having a sneak peek combined with free shipping caused a shopping frenzy.  The Candy Lane designer series paper that comes with the bundle is currently out of stock, but expected to be here by Monday.

So here's the thing….if you try to order it from my web site, you'll get an "unavailable" message, but you can still order through me.  If you're ever ordering online and items are coming up as "unavailable," give me a call or e-mail, and I'll place the order for you.  The cost won't be any different for you, and I can have it shipped right to your house.  When backordered items become available, they'll be shipped to you as well.

I'm hoping to stamp later today after the first round of Christmas activities.  Tomorrow morning, we'll have breakfast and presents with the kids, then Jonathan is heading to OBX to spend the weekend with Ali's family.  It will be super weird not having him here, but we raise these kids to be independent and eventually lead their own lives, right?  He's been testing those little wings since birth, I think, and I know one day he'll leave the nest.  I'm just hoping he doesn't leave all his stuff here like I did when I moved out of my parents' home.  Good grief, he's accumulated a lot in the past 18 years!

What about Wesley?  Wesley's waiting for Mike & me to retire and move to Florida so he can have the house, I think.  When he found out Mike fell down the front steps to the house Sunday morning, his comment was, "Did he trip over something or just fall down?"  Ok, Wesley, your father isn't that old and tottery!  He slipped on the ice.  I'm thinking he had thoughts of, "Ok, one down and in the nursing home, one to go!" going through his head.  Not really; he's a super sweet kid.  And, in case you're wondering, Mike's fine.  A little bruised, but he spent Sunday with Advil and ice, so wasn't too sore on Monday.  He even taught two spinning classes. 

Have a wonderful day!  It's a little gray and gloomy here right now.  We were supposed to have winter weather, but, again – pfffftttt – nothin'.  That's ok, though.  With my 18 year old on the road all day tomorrow, I want pretty weather and dry roads!

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Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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1 Response to Quick Note…

  1. Sandy Moriarty says:

    Kids sure leave the nest before you expect it — but then they like to come beack either for visits (or to stay, if you are unlucky), and eventually they bring those sweet wonderful grandchildren. My grandson goes home today — loved his visit. Hope Mike is doing ok — have to watch the steps this time of year — I just fell on ice a couple weeks ago and it is not due to old age, tottering or anything like that. Tell Wesley it is due to ICE, so don’t get any ideas. I want some of that applesauce cake. I baked cookies but shipped most of them away and have only a couple and a whole batch of unfrosted sugar cookies — maybe I’ll get them frosted by New Years??? Have a great Christmas. :>)


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