My Bucket List

If I had a bucket list (which I don't) and one of the items on it was, "Set self on fire," I could now cross it off.  Cool, huh??  Just like Richard Pryor.  Actually, I didn't really set myself on fire – and it was more of a "smolder" than flames, but no less startling.

Here's what happened.  (I sound like Mr. Monk.)  I had a broken hair dryer.  Now, remember – my DH is an electrician, so if an appliance goes bad, we cannot throw it away.  At the very least, we have to snip off the cord or the plug, because you never know when you might need one.  Bear in mind that therapy sessions to deal with the twitch I have because of all the clutter in our house add up to thousands of dollars (ok, it's mostly stamping stuff, but still – it's therapy.  That's what I tell the IRS and I'm sticking to that story.  JUST KIDDING.).  A new cord or plug is about $2.00 at Solenberger's.  But, hey, what if you need said cord in the middle of the night and Solenberger's is closed?  So….my dear Jonathan fixed my hairdryer with a new/used plug. 

As I was "test drying," all of a sudden a spark shot out, the back of the hair dryer was in flames and I was scorched.  I hate "girls" who scream when things happen.  I mean, does Jessica Fletcher scream when she sees yet another dead body?  No.  She just gets that, "Oh, dear.  There's another one," look on her face.  But I screamed and dropped the dryer on the floor.  Then I thought about unplugging it.  (It had already started running again.) 

Here's my shirt.  It's actually Mike's shirt, but he gave it to me.  Really.

Burned_shirtPlease note – it was NOT Jonathan's handyman work that caused the fire.  He did a perfect job of fixing it.  Unfortunately, I had forgotten to clean the vent/screen thingy and it was pretty caked with dust, which was what was catching on fire.  (I blame the fact that it has been in the tool room for the past year, not my cleaning abilities.)  So now it's working fine, and if you get a hair dryer from me for Christmas or your birthday, it's in perfectly good condition.  Really.

So for suffering through the long story – here are today's projects.

Remember the Create a Calendar kit I put together a few weeks ago?  Well – as I mentioned yesterday, I took it apart and made it a little more original.  Here's the new version.


It stands up on your desk, and opens.  The calendar is on one side, and the other side is blank for stamping, notes, pictures or anything else you want to add.

Here's the inside.  (Hmmmm….Typepad is really starting to bum me out.  It's taking forever to upload images.  I'm going to try this one more time.)

Ok – I actually tried it 3 more times.  When this finally goes live, it will probably have 16 copies of the inside of this calendar.  It must know I'm in a hurry.  (I think we're heading to the gym.  Woohooo.)


 Finally.  There's lots of stuff to decorate it with, and it would make a great gift for a piano or dance teacher, scout leader, school teacher – or just a stocking stuffer.

I'm going to offer this class early in November.  The cost will be $12, which will cover the cost of the kit, shipping, tax, and a few "extras" – like the brad and flower on the front, extra card stock and rings.

Here's the other project I made today.  I wasn't really sure I'd like it, but it turned out ok.  The idea was a winning project in "Stampin' Discuss," our monthly stamp magazine. 


That wonky smudge on the left side is NOT on my card.  I guess it's from the scanner.  Weird.

I took some of the die cuts from the Piña Colada Simply Scrappin' Kit and stuck them to glossy white card stock.   After I brayed Chocolate Chip ink over it, I peeled off the die cuts and sponged a little Baja Breeze over the spaces that had been covered by the die cuts to tone down the white a little.  I added some Felt Fusion Too Accents and Elements, a square fire rhinestone brad, and some Vanilla hodgepodge hardware.  Just something different to show you.

So I'm off to update our fire insurance.  Have a great day!

About buffycooper

Among other things, I am a musician who enjoys papercrafting (specifically with rubber stamps), a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, Christian, wife and mom to two great boys.
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1 Response to My Bucket List

  1. Sandy Moriarty says:

    Weird, I just cleaned the fuzzy stuff outta the filter part of my hairdryer yesterday because of the same sparky reason. Tried to pinch it out with my “pinchy tool” — the thingy I use to hold a card when using the heat tool. Since that did not work too well I pulled out the spiky thingy — the one that goes with the mat pack and piercer stencil. Dontcha just love the “names” for our special tools. Anyway, the hairdryer is all fixed now. And the other weird thing? Today is the first day I used my new set of Felt Fusion Too Accents and Elements. There must be something in the air — either that or I got the felt memo today. [And you thought your head was the only place strange things happen — humpf!!]


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